RPF Celebrates 16th Anniversary

The Rebel Penguin Federation has come together to celebrate its 16th anniversary. The momentous occasion sees the rebels celebrate the army 16 years after its creation.

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The Rebel Penguin Federation, more commonly known as RPF, was created on May 8, 2007, by Commando717. RPF is arguably one of the most powerful armies within Club Penguin army history. However, they were not gifted this title/status, they had to go out there and prove they were a big force. Before creating the Federation, Commando was an Underground Mafias Army member who formed a rebellion against Pink Mafias’ UMA. Pink Mafias was the creator of the Mafias army. With many UMA troops joining his cause, Commando created RPF and then joined World War III. To many, this would be considered ludicrous, a new army being made and joining a world war but this was just the start of something much bigger.

Upon joining the World War, they aided the Army of Club Penguin to defeat the UMA. The war ended with ACP and their allies defeating UMA and creating a peace treaty. One thing that didn’t end, however, was the rise of the Rebels.

The Rebels celebrating their victory in July 2007

The Rebels grew and, although they did face hard times, they learned from each situation they got into, slowly forging their place in history. One of their biggest rises was between the years 2013-2014. Arguably, one of the Rebels’ greatest leaders, Elmikey, rejoined alongside Commando717 in 2013. Rising from the ashes, the Federation went from maxing 10 to over 60 penguins. In 2013 alone they achieved awards for the ‘biggest rise’, winning the Legends Cup and the Christmas Chaos tournaments.

Today, the Rebels maintain their status as one of the best and biggest armies in the community. Even though the Rebels remain a major player within the community, they aren’t without competition. The community is everchanging and presents new challenges frequently. The Rebels have seen this firsthand, both recently and over their 16 years. Recently, they fell to sixth in the Top Tens. This has proven that no-ones place within the top half of the Top Tens is guaranteed. However, history has shown that the Rebels always come back stronger. Will this be the case once more?

Rebel Penguin Federation’s Legends Cup Trophy

Their 16th anniversary is a massive one for the army and the individuals within it, both past and present. The Rebels have seen many influential troops and leaders come and go. Each of these have experienced different moments within the illustrious history of the army. Recently, on May 7, they held a ‘Sweet 16′ gala. The gala saw a fashion contest being held to determine who was the best dressed for the occasion. They all gathered to celebrate the army, its current generation but also its past. An amazing 35 troops showed up to celebrate this momentous occasion, with many going on to participate in the fashion contest. This was just one event from their week-long celebration. What other activities did they partake in?

The Rebels celebrating their 16th anniversary

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Federation leader, Link3000, to find out everything they did for the Federation’s 16th anniversary and what it means to them.

What did RPF do to celebrate its 16th anniversary?

We had a themed week dedicated to the anniversary. Since this was RPF’s 16th anniversary, we went with a Sweet Sixteen theme so a lot of the activities were centred around that. We had some classic events like branch battles and hide n seeks, some activities in the Discord server like a bingo people could fill out throughout the week by completing different tasks and it all lead to our Sweet 16 Birthday Gala followed by Rebel Records. So overall a pretty busy but pretty fun week.

What did being able to celebrate the occasion as a current leader mean to you?

It meant a lot really, it’s always a very nice feeling reaching such milestones and getting to experience this as staff is amazing. Being able to plan something so that everyone could enjoy as well regardless of when they joined and getting that sense of community that’s still there even after 16 years. And of course being able to share all of this with our staff team who we ranked up together, seeing some of them actually reach their own personal milestones last night on such a special occasion as the anniversary was pretty incredible.

Did any veterans return to celebrate this momentous occasion?

Yeah we saw a few vets attend different events throughout the week and even complete some of the server activities as well which was very nice. Always pleasant seeing familiar faces make appearances.

Do you feel like there’s more pressure on you to keep RPF alive and running as time goes on and its legacy grows?

I don’t know if there’s more pressure on me or elex. I think the pressure to keep the army alive comes with the territory of being leader regardless of era. Yes it is a little bit more challenging post COVID but the expectations so far have been as I imagined them to be. I think the real pressure comes from the kind you give yourself as leader rather than what you get from others.

Do you have any plans for the army going forward?

Continue growing as best as we can while adjusting to the changes in the current era. Securing some more tournament wins is always a nice bonus but mainly making sure RPF continues to be a place where people can find a community and a place they feel accepted in.

It sounds like it’s been an eventful week for the Rebels with many showing up to support their (past/current) army. The anniversary has meant a lot to the people within the army, as well as Link, themself. With that said, what does the future have in store for both Link and the Federation? Link plans to keep growing the army and make it an accepting community. But, will it keep growing as they plan? Or will they become an army of the past? Only time will tell. Nonetheless, we look forward to seeing what the Rebels do next. We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish the best for Link and their army.

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