Reporter of the Month: April

April has been a witness to a lot of changes within the community. It is no surprise that our staff team has been evolving as well, with every coming day. As another month comes to an end, we take the time to look back and acknowledge the person who has made a significant impact with their posts and writing during this month. You guessed it right! It is time to announce the Reporter of the Month for April.

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It has not even been a whole month since Mads joined us and they have already created their mark of being sincere and diligent not only when it comes to their writing, but also their work ethic. They joined the team on April 9 as a Reporter in Training and took up their very first post, just a day later – One Year Since CP Rewritten’s Shutdown: What’s Next? . Being their first post, I was impressed to see their flow when it came to writing, and the depth of research that went behind the article. I am sure most of us who have read this article can agree with me on the fact that it was certainly a good read.

They would take their next post within a week, this one being an Editorial on the history of AUSIA tournaments. It is not an easy task to write an editorial, and despite this being their first, I think they have done great when it comes to expressing what they want to say in a clear and precise manner.

Their most recent post features the induction of a new Head Judge at CPAJ – Mare where Mads goes on to not only highlight Mare‘s career in armies and judging but also shares with the readers, her goals as a Head Judge, and her predictions for the ongoing tournament. Within a short period, Mads has shown immense growth, and their posts stand testimony to their willingness and interest in writing. For this, and more, please join us in congratulating Mads as the Reporter of the Month for April!

I had the opportunity to talk with Mads, and know how they felt about being the Reporter of the Month –

Why did you want to become a reporter?

Well I’d been writing for ACP’s Shamrock Bulletin since I rejoined in January and max & mchappy both asked if I’d be interested. Didn’t think I had much of a chance but then I got it pretty much once I applied haha. I was worried it was going to be a lot of work but I honestly love writing so it doesn’t feel like work to me!

What would you say has been your favorite part of the job so far?

Being able to meet and interact with folks outside of ACP. There’s so many cool people in the community and being a reporter in training gives me a chance to make new friends and learn more about CPA in general.

What are your future goals in this position?

I’d love to do some more reporting on the history and lore of CPA, especially regarding OG history. I worry that a lot of it is going to be lost to the depths of the internet, especially stuff about the small/medium armies of the original Club Penguin.

We are grateful to Mads for all the work that they have done till now, and it’s been wonderful to have them on the team with us. A big congratulations once again to Mads, and we wish them the very best in all of their future endeavors.

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