Star Wars Community Event Recap

Five armies were able to unite for a massive community Star Wars event! Let’s blast into the galaxy far far away to see how it turned out!

The event began with each participating army starting in a room of their choice, seeing the Water Vikings at the Dock, Special Weapons and Tactics at the Snow Forts, People’s Imperial Confederation inside the Mine, Napalm Corps at the Beach, and Help Force at the Stadium. Thereupon, all armies did tactics in their respective rooms until the ten-minute mark, when they moved to the Ice Berg for the community portion. Consequently, this portion saw over 55 users in the room and 74 total users logged onto Club Penguin Army Battleground!

Each army took turns leading for three-minute increments, followed by a few tactics sent by Club Penguin Armies Administration. Furthermore, the event was captured by the CPA Camera and will be uploaded shortly! In addition, the CPA Discord featured custom reaction roles, allowing community members to join the Jedi Order, Sith Order, Galactic Empire, or Rebel Alliance.

Following the event’s conclusion, Club Penguin Armies reached out to the army leaders involved to see their thoughts on the event.

ROOBOO, Help Force Leader: It’s always refreshening to gather up with other armies for community events. Not only does it gives a side other than competition, it also bonds relations between army leaders and their troops. Aside all that, meeting for a great opportunity like a Star Wars anniversary day is such a sick way to do it for real. Thanks for the event and till many more!

Cabin0416, Napalm Corps Leader: My troops seemed to enjoy it and I enjoyed it as well. Furthermore, we maxed well for one of our first weekday EU events. I am very proud of my troops and my army, but I am proudest of the community for coming together in this manner.

Legoman, SWAT Leader/Me: This was a fun event for SWAT and it was refreshing to see a good amount of the community join together to make this event possible! Very glad we were able to make this possible.

Mabel, Water Vikings Leader: Water Vikings had a lot of fun at the event today. Things were kept pretty simple for the army, and I feel as if we kept up pretty well with the rest of the other armies. Was also nice seeing some other faces around.

Hidcre, PIC Leader: i liked it , would def recommend more community events like this.

Club Penguin Armies extends a massive show of appreciation to all armies that participated and made this community event possible! Finally, I would like to extend a big thanks to DrQueen for helping me make this event a reality! What did YOU think of this community event? Do you have any ideas for the next community event? Let us know in the comments and in the CPA Discord server!

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