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April 30 saw the announcement of a new head judge, Mare! She exceeded the minimum threshold of seventy-five percent of votes and replaced Wynn as a head judge for the Club Penguin Army Community. We got the chance to interview Mare, but first, let’s recap her club penguin armies career.

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Mare played on the original Club Penguin, but wasn’t involved in armies until 2020 when she was recruited into SWAT. She quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a staff member. Mare helped found the One Direction Army (ODA). While it began as a meme army, more One Directioners took up arms to make it successful. She helped negotiate a deal to have the Fire Ninjas of Club Penguin merge into ODA, placed it on the CPAH S/M Army Top Ten charts, and the army invaded two servers on the league’s map. Though Mare had left her staff position in Special Weapons and Tactics to pursue ODA full-time, she eventually returned to SWAT, going on to serve as a leader.

In 2021, the CPA Legends committee announced Mare as a Small/Medium Army Legend for her achievements as founder of ODA, Dua Inn Lipa Fighters (DILF), which was another s/m army, along with her hard work as a SWAT leader. Some of her crowning achievements that played a role in her Legend induction are her recruiting skills, her role in numerous SWAT wars, maintaining a constant presence in the Top Ten rankings, establishing the Western Bloc alliance, and successful showings in tournaments such as March Madness and Christmas Chaos.

In terms of her judging career, Mare has been a CPA judge since 2020, serving in Sub Zero Army League (SZAL), Club Penguin Army Network (CPAN), and Club Penguin Army Hub (CPAH), along with the current iteration of Club Penguin Armies. When asked about her goals as Head Judge, Mare explained:

Probably not get yelled by Paddy is an achievement he’s pretty scary!! LOL but aside from that, I’m just hoping to possibly improve the judging system when it comes to the process of new judges. I feel like it’s important to properly train them since they are the future! Also, helping organize with tournaments is what I’m mostly excited to do! I’m super thrilled to work alongside with all the head judges and learn from them:)

A funny memory of hers would be whenever the Herberts of Club Penguin (HCP) would log on during battles, she judged. Even though they should not have been online, “there were big ol’ furries in the corner” as she and other judges facilitated a more serious battle.

With AUSIA Arena starting next week, we asked Mare if she had any predictions.

My prediction for who will make it through second round of the Ausia Arena will be HF, ACP, SWAT, and WV. I’m not quite sure for who will win though, I honestly think anything is possible when it comes to tournaments and armies always pull a lot more people during it!
Her advice for anyone who is interested in becoming a CPA Judge, however, is “run.” (And yes, that’s a direct quote.) Take that as you will. We wish Mare the best of luck as she assumes this new role. What do you think of the induction?

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