Magma Clan Loses to Templars Following War Terms Violation

Following the first Templar invasion of the Magma Clan’s land, the Knights were quickly declared the winner of the war. Due to intentional war term violation and inappropriate behaviour, Magma Clan will now be subjected to a force-treaty by their enemies.

On Saturday, Templars declared war on Magma Clan, scheduling the first invasion for Tuesday and another one for Thursday. Magma Clan, who did not plan any invasions, seemed to be ignoring the declaration for a few days, only to surprisingly show up to the first battle. However, the judges quickly realized that the army didn’t come to actually defend their land.

The tide turned for Magma Clan as after winning the war against the Penguins of Madagascar due to war terms breach, they found themselves on the losing side for the very same reason. Although the community saw Templars emerging victorious only from one battle so far, Magma Clan will not have more chances to defend their servers.

Judges’ Verdict on the battle

In the screenshot above, Shpec, who was judging the invasion of Arcamarachi, comments on the unprecedented Magma Clan’s behavior. During the battle, the leaders sent multiple inappropriate and toxic tactics, referring to pedophilia and racism among others, as well as targeting Templars’ leaders personally. Due to their actions, the people involved in the event were banned from CPA Battleground and Club Penguin Armies organization, which was followed by the army’s removal from the CPA Judges army board.

Club Penguin Armies’ announcement

CPA Judges’ announcement

In addition to this, it also came to light that one of the Magma Clan’s Higher Command, Yokan, multilogged 4 accounts during the waiting room and the battle itself. All of these accounts had the same IP address confirming that multilogging did take place. Lydia, one of the Leaders in Training of the army, also admitted to it, saying that the tactics they sent were completely intentional from their side. Thus, Magma Clan finds themselves in a position of defeat after breaking the terms of the war and will also suffer a Top Ten points deduction.

Evidence of Yokan multilogging

Lydia admitting to Magma Clan multilogging and the tactics sent

Litt, another Leader in Training of the Magma Clan, shed more light on what exactly were the army’s motives:

Magma Clan’s actions cost the army all their land, a force-treaty, Top Ten points deduction and a banishment of its leaders. Will MC be able to bounce back from all of this or will they continue with the trend of hosting fewer and fewer events and eventually shut down? 

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