AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition Group Stage Week 1 Predictions

Following the culmination of the qualification round, the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition Group Stage is scheduled to begin on May 6, featuring eight armies in battle. This post will cover the predictions made by a few current and former army members regarding the upcoming clashes.

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During the Qualifiers round, the Magma Clan and the People’s Imperial Confederation faced off in a battle. Due to Magma Clan failing to show up, it resulted in a victory for the Confederation. The next day was a battle between the Napalm Corps and the Warlords of Kosmos. The battle witnessed a similar conclusion with the Napalm Corps taking the win as the Warlords practiced their disappearing act.

Both of the winning armies made their way to the next round. The Group Stage is set to occur over the next three weeks and with eight armies taking part. The armies are going to fight in a round-robin format, with the top army of each group making their way to the Grand Finals. This week we are going to witness a total of four battles taking place. In preparation, Club Penguin Armies reached out to several members of the community to request predictions for the battles.

Help Force VS. Penguins of Madagascar

In the first battle, the Help Force will be facing off against the Penguins of Madagascar (POM). The Help Force has consistently ranked in the top three positions of the Top Ten. They have an active AUSIA division and had an average max of 18.33 members over the past month in the division. They have been preparing for the tournament through various AUSIA and EU events. On the other hand, POM, who recently suffered a defeat in their war against Magma Clan, only occasionally holds AUSIA events and had an average max of 10.25 in the division. POM only managed to secure the eighth position in the last Top Ten rankings. However, despite the Helpers appearing stronger, this battle will surely be an interesting one to watch.

Help Force in the Aces of AUSIA Finals

Mchappy, CPA Executive Producer: Help Force Win 3-0-0. As the person who put together the Aces of AUSIA tournament, I have high expectations for the Helpers. I expect them to put their all into this tournament. They’ll be a tough opponent to beat for an army. However, I still think the POM will put up a great showing. Their recent war with the Special Weapons has trained their soldiers to stay alert during AUSIA times. POM will get beaten on size and speed, but I can still see this battle being a great success for them.

Superhero123, CPA Advisor: Help Force Win 3-0-0.

Nicky_3070, CPA Reporter: Help Force Win 3-0-0. Help Force can rally up a lot, and are known for there strong AUSIA, so I believe Help Force will take the win here.

Dawnables, CPA Reporter: Help Force Win 2-1-0. I think this mostly because the Helpers has always been an AUSIA focused army compared to POM as they’re still new and growing themselves. The battle will definitely be interesting but I think experience and skill will help the Helpers keep their leverage against POM even if they can put up a good fight.

Paddy, CPAJ Head Judge: Help Force Win 3-0-0.

 Army of Club Penguin VS. Napalm Corps

A recent battle between the two that ended in camaraderie

In the next battle of the tournament, the Army of Club Penguin is going to face the Napalm Corps. The Clovers are one of the armies that have given the most attention to their AUSIA division with 33.33% of their events being AUSIA. The army held an average of 23 penguins online in their AUSIA events in the past month. The Clovers held a few training events where they focused on improving their formations, and tactic skills, and seem to go to the battlefield with full enthusiasm.  Whereas, Napalm Corps, having only reopened last month, has yet focused only on American events. Last Sunday, at their first battle of the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition, the army saw a maximum of nine in attendance. However, seeing the progress they have made over the past month, we can conclude that they’re going to put immense efforts on the battlefield in order to attempt to secure a win.

Mchappy, CPA Executive Producer: Army of Club Penguin Win 2-1-0. This will be a good battle, as well. Both armies have developed a close alliance with one another, so I am sure the battle will be an honorable one. The major army that truly pioneered what AUSIA is, the Clovers will be another tough act to beat in this tournament. It’ll be a win based on size, but maybe the Corps can steal a room with speedy tactics that cover well.

Superhero123, CPA Advisor: Army of Club Penguin Win 3-0-0.

Nicky_3070, CPA Reporter: Army of Club Penguin Win 3-0-0. ACP is known to rally a lot during tournaments, and generally are better trained and have a better AUSIA than Napalm Corps, so I think they will win here.

Dawnables, CPA Reporter: Army of Club Penguin Win 3-0-0. I think that the Clovers have a strong enough AUSIA as they’ve worked hard growing while the Corps are still new and have newer troops. I think that size advantage will help the Clovers secure their win alongside their speed.

Paddy, CPAJ Head Judge: Army of Club Penguin Win 3-0-0.

Special Weapons and Tactics VS. Dark Vikings

Moving ahead, on Sunday, we’ll witness the Special Weapons and Tactics going against the Dark Vikings. After their disqualification in March Madness VIII, the Vikings will look into taking revenge by dominating the AUSIA Arena. As a result of a busy month due to their war with the Clovers, the Vikings weren’t able to focus much on their AUSIA division last month. They only held one event in that duration where they secured a maximum size of 23. Whereas, things were different for the Special Weapons as they were able to host a total of five AUSIA events in the previous month, which was the joint most by any army. The Special Weapons also had an average size of 16.6 in the AUSIA division. However, predicting which army wins is going to be challenging, as the Vikings are known to give tough competition to their opponents.

Special Weapons in a recent war battle

Mchappy, CPA Executive Producer: Special Weapons and Tactics Win 1-2-0. For some reason, I have a feeling this battle might be pretty close. Although the Dark Vikings have slowed down since their war with the Clovers, they still managed to showcase some spectacular AUSIA sizes for an army not known for its AUSIA division. On the other hand, Special Weapons has had a lot of battle practice recently with the amount of wars they’ve been getting in to. Specifically, their war with the Templars had some great AUSIA showings by the Special Weapons. The green army is surely the favored army in this battle, but it could be a close one.

Superhero123, CPA Advisor: Special Weapons and Tactics Win 2-1-0.

Nicky_3070, CPA Reporter: Special Weapons and Tactics Win 2-1-0. This will definitely be the closest battle of the round, however I believe the Special Weapons (SWAT) will come out on top as they can max very well at AUSIAs and I believe they are better trained than the Dark Vikings (DV). However, DV can also max well at AUSIA and perform well, so I believe they will be able to tie a room against SWAT.

Dawnables, CPA Reporter: Special Weapons and Tactics Win 2-0-1. I think the Special Weapons will win because they did just have a war that stressed their AUSIA division and they were able to put up a fight with their size. At the same time, I think the Vikings will perform well with their tactics and being awake during the battle. I think that SWAT can pull a win through if they do the training and are able to keep up speed against DV.

Paddy, CPAJ Head Judge: Special Weapons and Tactics Win 3-0-0.

Water Vikings VS. People’s Imperial Confederation

Water Vikings in the AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition Quarter Finals

Next up, both Water Vikings and the People’s Imperial Confederation will be fighting each other on the battlefield. Both of these armies have given importance to their AUSIA division, and have made sure to train their troops frequently. In the past month, the Vikings held a total of five AUSIA events where they scored an average max of 19. On the other side, being an AUSIA-based army, the Confederation has held a total of five AUSIAs where they scored an average max of 8.6. Although the battle might be tough for the Confederation to win, we can expect a good match-up between both armies.

Mchappy, CPA Executive Producer: Water Vikings Win 3-0-0. Currently, the People’s Imperial Confederation are functioning on AUSIA-only events. Although on paper that might give them the advantage, the Vikings have really solidified themselves as one of the tournament giants. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Confederation will be able to keep up. However, it’s imperative for the Vikings to put on a good showing for this first battle, so they can continue momentum if they want a chance at taking home the trophy.

Superhero123, CPA Advisor: Water Vikings Win 3-0-0.

Nicky_3070, CPA Reporter: Water Vikings Win 3-0-0. The Vikings (WV) has shown there strength in tournaments before, and they max more, and generally perform better than PIC. So I believe WV can easily take the win here.

Dawnables, CPA Reporter: Water Vikings Win 3-0-0. WV are a bigger army and has proven time and time again that they are major and they can definitely pull a win through. The Confederation (PIC) is a smaller army and. while it may be a tactically good army, WV and their size advantage and speed with tactics will most likely allow them to win easily and win all three rooms.

Paddy, CPAJ Head Judge: Water Vikings Win 3-0-0.

This weekend we are bound to witness some great action on the battlefield. With the predictions finished, it’s time to wait and see who grabs victory! Who do you think will emerge victorious? Will we get to see any early upsets?

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