AUSIA Arena Summer Edition: Group Stage Week One Information

The Qualifiers Round has come to an end, marking the start of the AUSIA Arena: Group Stage. After last weekend, two armies joined their respective groups and the competition for the place in the Grand Finals officially begins.

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The last weekend of April was supposed to see four armies fighting for the last two spots in the next round. Unfortunately though, two of them pulled out at the last moment, leaving the remaining armies with a free pass. As a result, People’s Imperial Confederation is joining Water Vikings, Special Weapons and Tactics and Dark Vikings in the Magneta Block, and Napalm Corps advanced to the Shadow Block and is going to face Army of Club Penguin, Help Force, and Penguins of Madagascar.

The Group Stage round that everyone is awaiting will be starting on Saturday. All armies that signed up are going to fight in Round Robin format for the next three weeks before being eliminated. Only one army of each group will enter the Grand Finals.

This weekend we will be witnessing four battles taking place.

Saturday, May 6th
Help Force vs. Penguins of Madagascar
8am EST | 1pm UK | 4pm GST | 5:30pm IST | 8pm SGT | 10pm AEST

Army of Club Penguin vs. Napalm Corps
9am EST | 2pm UK | 5pm GST | 6:30pm IST | 9pm SGT | 11pm AEST

Sunday, May 7th
Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Dark Vikings
8am EST | 1pm UK | 4pm GST | 5:30pm IST | 8pm SGT | 10pm AEST

Water Vikings vs. People’s Imperial Confederation
9am EST | 2pm UK | 5pm GST | 6:30pm IST | 9pm SGT | 11pm AEST

Despite two armies leaving the tournament, AUSIA Arena: Group Stage is starting as planned with eight armies remaining. The next weekend will be busy with battles, and we are going to see the group leaders fighting the armies that scored the lowest in the seedings. Will there be any surprises or will all the battles go according to predictions? The Club Penguin Armies Administration would like to wish every participating army good luck in the upcoming weeks

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