Another One: Templars Declare War on Magma Clan

The Templars recently declared war on their old enemy, the Magma Clan. Following the latter’s recent inactivity, how will the conflict play out?

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The Templars and the Magma Clan are no strangers to conflict, even with one another. Most recently, the Templars fought against the Special Weapons And Tactics, but the conflict resolved itself just last week. On the side of the Magma Clan, they have suffered through a period of inactivity following their conflict with the Penguins of Madagascar. This war had ended in a victory for the Magma Clan due to breached war terms. Against one another, the Templars previously declared war one day after the Magma Clan’s creation in 2021. The war ended after two intense weeks with a Templars victory, and the Magma Clan ceased operations shortly after.

May 20, 2021: Templars invade Magma Clan

Currently, the Magma Clan is going through a period of inactivity. After failing to host any events this week, the army is slated to not appear on the upcoming Top Ten Armies list. When asked, Smithy joked that Magma Clan ‘gave [him] a brain aneurism.’ With no meaningful response, one can only assume the reason behind the inactivity is that their leaders have been busy in real life.

On April 29, Templars declared war on the Magma Clan. No reasoning was provided, but some think that the knights might be avenging their allies, the Penguins of Madagascar. Others theorize that this could relate to their issues from the 2021 war. Regardless of the cause, TCP has currently scheduled two invasions on Magma Clan soil.

April 29, 2023: Templars declare war on Magma Clan, invasions set to follow

Curious to learn more, Club Penguin Armies approached Dawn and Smithy to ask what they thought about the declaration and how their armies are going to win.

Dawn, Templars Leader: hello we r take ur nation

Smithy, Magma Clan Leader: The true hits by Bladee are songs like Subaru, Skin, My Magic is strong, Ghost Hands, Best Buy, Facetime and Reborn. You can keep listening to Bones and other Soundcloud rappers If you so desire but you wont understand a thing about being fully Drained. You’re just a poser and you can go fuck yourself. DG’s art is the purest form of music and it isn’t meant for peasants like you, but for the self destructive misanthropes who don’t care about clowns like you. Dg’s music is for the elite and that means it’s out of you reach. None of you will understand the true meaning of being Drained. You’re all just a bunch of cringeworthy little children. Our world view is externally based on being Drained 247 and on a personal level it relies on listening Gluee backwards twice a day. Without a solid comprehension about theoretical crypto currency it’s meaningless to think that you could understand the Drain world view. None of you will understand Drainism because you are all intellectually at the same level as maggots. None of you will reach the altar of the Drain so why are you even thinking about it. Bladee and Drainism are for the real elite. For the real misanthropes.

With such cryptic (and lengthy, Smithy) responses, it’s hard to know the exact intentions of the Magma Clan. Regardless, Club Penguin Armies extend our best to both armies in their upcoming battles.

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