SWAT And Templars Return To Their Halcyon Days

The war between SWAT and the Templars recently came to an end with the Treaty of Neo Crusade. Rife with controversies sparked by an age-old rivalry, the war terminates nine days after the simultaneous war declarations, with the Templars leading the score.

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The Neo Crusade war began with Special Weapons And Tactics and the Templars simultaneously declaring war on each other. Chaos quickly descended on the conflict as SWAT submitted proof claiming the Templars modified their war terms. This resulted in an administrative decision to revert the war terms, allowing allied members to attend. However, the Templars managed to refute the proof submitted by SWAT, thus sending the war terms back to their original state, which did not allow allied members.

On the fourth day of the war, a screenshot showing Xing admitting to multilogging during the war started circulating in the community. It was later brought to light that the screenshot had been faked.

SWAT arrived into this war in a battle-ready state, following three previous wars in just this year. Meanwhile, the usually aggressive Templars found themselves in their first war since 4 months, following the multilogging expose which resulted in SWAT imposing a force treaty on them. Previously, we saw that the the two armies couldn’t take a lead for the first four days of the war. The Templars took a small lead in the fifth day of the war.

Thursday, April 20th

Two battles took place on this day. The first battle of Thursday resulted in SWAT successfully invading Nicaea, with their superior AUSIA division claiming all three rooms. However, the Templars equalized the tally with their invasion of Alexandria later that day.

Friday, April 21st

There was only one battle that took place on Friday. SWAT scheduled an invasion of the server Dorylaeum in AUSIA times. The Templars couldn’t muster up enough of a defense, and SWAT took the win home with a score of 2-1-0.

Saturday, April 22nd

A whopping three battles went down on Saturday. The first two were back to back AUSIA battles, with SWAT invading Northern Lights and the Templars invading Cairo. The first battle resulted in a successful result for SWAT. Initially, the second battle was deemed a Templars victory, with the battle going into overtime.

However, later that day, the CPAJ Head Judges made an announcement regarding the Templars’ invasion of Cairo. During their review, they found reason to overturn the result of the overtime room of the second battle. Thus, SWAT retained their server Cairo.

The third battle of the day took place at EU times, with the Templars invading SWAT’s server Antioch.

Sunday, April 24th

This turned out to be the final day of the war. SWAT invaded the server Alexandria in AUSIA times, and successfully secured it. Later that day, the two armies signed the Treaty of the Neo Crusade, thus going back to their halcyon days.

The Club Penguin Armies media team reached out to Templars leader Nicky and SWAT leader Legoman for a statement regarding the end of their war.

Legoman: It was a p fun war. As the kids say, “SWAT witewally hit da gwiddy on the Templars.”

Nicky: We got our land back, had a score of 8-1-6. Very successful war I would say.

An age-old rivalry witnesses yet another war conclude with great results for both sides. The rivalry between SWAT and the Templars can definitely be considered as one of the most impactful ones, producing several highly entertaining conflicts and even alliance wars within the past three years. The community is definitely eager to see what these two armies will do next.

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