Superhero123 Ranks Most Significant Army Creators of All Time

Army legend Superhero123 ranks who he believes are the most significant army founders of all time. Which iconic individuals made it into his top five, and who did he crown as the most important creator in the community’s history?

Superhero123: Most Significant Army Creators of All Time

Superhero123 joined the community in 2013, giving him 10 years of community experience and knowledge to formulate this ranking. Over the years, he has served in many league and media organisations, including administrator positions in the 2019 generation of Club Penguin Armies and the CP Army Headquarters in 2021.

Superhero has collaborated with the media team at Club Penguin Armies to bring you his ranking of the ‘Most Significant Army Creators of All Time.’ Please note, this ranking is Superhero123’s personal opinion only, and may not reflect the views of other army community members. In fact, it most definitely won’t.

With so many iconic names to consider, Superhero123 was keen to include a 10-6 ranking and honourable mentions to preface his top five.

Honourable mentions: 122344a, Zakster, and Tom Wolf (if we consider him the Nachos creator and not Jamesbond1).

10. Ioioluk

9. Wwebestfan

8. Ganger90

7. Xing

6. Ayan



The man, the legend. An individual who has been fully retired for roughly 15 years now, and yet everyone with a basic knowledge of CPA history recognizes.

Pink Mafias created the Underground Mafias Army in 2007, and with extremely efficient recruiting and the use of WordPress, he managed to quickly convert it into what was probably the biggest force of its time. He was one of the very first individuals to understand the power of WordPress, Club Penguin gameplay/cheat videos and blogging for bringing people into your army.

Pink Mafias was a controversial figure who had received bans for coin hacks in Club Penguin, and UMA’s rivalry with ACP symbolized the first “good guys vs bad guys” dynamic which has been seen time and time again in CPA history. His involvement in CPA was very short (roughly a year), and yet his impact and legacy live on to this day.

For those reasons, I give him the 5th place, and if he had stayed in CPA for longer I would probably rank him much higher.

Superhero123 Ranks: Pink Mafias


4. Ambrosha

This individual is perhaps less known those days than the rest of this list, however, his achievements are nothing short of spectacular. Ambrosha is the creator of the legendary Dark Warriors, one of the most successful Club Penguin armies of all time.

He created his army in 2007, after being inspired by Iceyfeet’s Ice Warriors, and the two quickly became close friends. He was also one of the main figures behind The Warriors Army (TWA), a merger of multiple major forces of the time. The Dark Warriors were an extremely dominant force for most of their existence, with multiple great runs during original armies and a really successful CPPS run as well.

Although Ambrosha’s involvement in the army after the first generations was limited, without his work CPA would be missing a great part of its community and history and this is why I give him the 4th place.

Superhero Ranks: Ambrosha



Iceyfeet1234 is best known for creating one of CPA’s most legendary armies, the Ice Warriors. Icey established the army on June 2007. It started off small and went through a merger with multiple other major armies to establish The Warriors Army (TWA).

After TWA collapsed, Icey reinstated IW as a separate entity in 2008 and the army eventually became one of the most impactful forces in CPA history. With their enormous sizes and veteran network the Ice Warriors were also one of the main forces of the CPPS era from 2019 till their shutdown in 2023.

Iceyfeet is not only a prime example of a leader who started an army from zero and managed to make it huge but also an individual who has managed to make sure the army performs extremely well consistently for over 10 years. Unlike most creators of very old armies, Iceyfeet has been greatly involved in most (if not all) Ice Warrior’s generations, ready to step in whenever needed and this is why I give him the 3rd place.

Superhero123 Ranks: Iceyfeet1234



Commando717’s story has it all. From making what is perhaps the most impactful rebellion in army history (leaving UMA with his group to establish the Rebel Penguin Federation), to advancing the tactical game to new heights and to even creating the first ever proper League and Server Map in 2016.

His army has been a protagonist for most of its history, winning the most tournaments out of any army and being the most successful force of the CPPS era. Unlike multiple figures on this list, Commando stays somewhat in touch with CPA at all times and deeply cares about RPF, making sure it always performs well. For all those reasons, I give him 2nd place.

Superhero123 Ranks: Commando



The one who started it all with the Army of Club Penguin. Oagalthorp took armies from disorganized clans and transformed them into military groups with ranks, communication channels and clear objectives. Regardless of whether you consider ACP the most successful army of all time (I don’t), it is definitely in the top 2 and its founder, Oagal, is the most successful leader of all time for taking the leap from chaos to structure.

Superhero123 Ranks: Oagalthorp


And there you have it: Superhero123’s ranking for the ‘Most Significant Army Creators of All Time’. With so many iconic names to consider, this undoubtedly was not an easy task for him. Do you share his opinion, or can you think of anyone he missed out on? 

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