Dark Vikings’ Snowflake Goes From Rookie To Ruler

Following the retirement of Litt7, Dark Vikings have inducted a brand new leader. 

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Dark Vikings reopened on October 13, 2022. Initially becoming a prominent small/medium army, notable figures such as Krosive and Thunder222 propelled the army to major status. Recently, the Vikings went head-to-head with the Army of Club Penguin in one of the most drama-filled wars in recent times. Despite the war ending with no official winner, Dark Vikings have certainly proved that they are a capable force.

April 2, 2023: A recent Dark Vikings – Army of Club Penguin battle

Snowflake joined the army community in 2022. Initially joining the Lime Green Army, she would move to other armies such as Cherries and Dark Vikings. Before the Vikings, Snowflake had not ranked up very far in an army. It was under the likes of Kroisve, Thunder222, and Litt7 that she began her journey through the ranks. Achieving the Leader-in-Training rank in February, Snowflake spent the following months completing her training.

On April 22, Krosive announced Snowflake as the newest Dark Vikings leader. The announcement comes just two days following the retirement of past leader Litt7. In her coronation message, she states that she will “try to be the very best leader [she] can be” and that she will not “slack off.”

Discord message from Snowflake announcing her ascent to leadership. The message states:"@everyone Thank you fellow patriots of the DARK VIKINGS EMPIRE, for accepting and welcoming me as your new leader. I will try my best to be the best leader than i can be, I will NOT to slack off, STRIKE HARDSTRIKE FIRST NO MERCY FEAR THE DARKNESS"

April 22, 2023: Snowflake announces her leadership. Click to enlarge.

Curious to learn more, Club Penguin Armies approached Snowflake for an interview regarding her recent promotion and what she intends to do with her reign.

What are your thoughts regarding your recent promotion?

I feel really amazed because I haven’t really seen anyone ranking up as a leader as I am a new gen. I feel really happy about this promotion.

What are some future plans you may have?

I don’t really think I would like to change anything in the army, I would only love if the army grows higher and stronger than we are now.

Do you have any favorite memories from your time in Dark Vikings?

I don’t have many favorite memories, but I really enjoyed today because we were really hyped up in today’s AUSIA event and we progressed a lot today.

What would you say to any Dark Vikings looking to rank up to leader?

That you would always rank up as long as you work your best in events.

Snowflake is an eager beaver, who looks to hit the ground running and is determined to improve the Vikings in any way she can, regardless of the cost. Club Penguin Armies extends the best of luck to Snowflake in her new position. Snowflake’s promotion to leader proves that anybody can become a leader through hard work and effort, not just veterans. Do you think Snowflake will fill Litt7’s shoes?

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