BASEDment Demons Join The Community

The army community recently saw a new army open up and join the community, this army is the BASEDment Demons.

On April 16, a silent announcement was made in the BASEDment Demons‘ server giving troops some lore behind the opening of the army. This was, of course, before the army had opened or even announced its opening. Scorp, Sanya, Aaronstone and Diwix are the founders of the army and the current leaders. Despite having established themselves as figures within the community already, they have banded together to create the BASEDment Demons. This came after they “escaped Wynn‘s basement” along with other places.

The army officially opened its basement doors on April 18. During their opening event, they managed to gather 14 troops online to help celebrate the birth of the army. However, despite opening their doors, they also revealed themselves to be a meme army. The question is though, are they saying this so they don’t end up back in Wynn’s basement?

The BASEDment Dmons during their opening event

Since then, the army has gone on to acquire land on the map and they look to acquire yet another piece of land, showing they are not settling for one piece. Will we see the BASEDment Demons rise from here and become a regular in the Top Tens?

Scorp announced that the BASEDment Demons weren’t a real army

Club Penguin Armies contacted Scorp to find out their plans for the future.

What inspired the creation of the BASEDment Demons, and why open an army now?

The BASEDment Demons (referred to as BD from here onwards) was created by me, Sanya, Jo, Aaronstone and Diwix with a vision to free the people of Club Penguin Armies from the various subterranean prisons crafted by malfeasant army leaders and veterans, such as Wynn with her basement, Bert and Calgo with their dungeons, Elp’s recruiting mines, the gulags of various armies, etc. We are an army that strives to BLOW stuff up with our evil superpowers, such as curry and underground WiFi.

How do you plan to keep this army successful?

I don’t plan to keep this army successful, if it starts dying I will let it die, as all meme armies should. However, as long as there is someone in BD ready to fight for the liberation of the community, it won’t die. The power of curry will keep it going for as long as needed.

We’ve already witnessed the Demons invade some freeland. Now with the freeland all being gone, are there plans to continue acquiring more land?

If I revealed my expansion plans, it wouldn’t be very BASED or demonic, would it?

What challenges have you had to overcome thus far?

There are several challenges that I had to overcome. Firstly, in order to even access the BASEDment Demons server, you need to have a 100% curry presence in your bloodstream. Then, your laptop needs to have the ability to connect to the LAN Down Under (get it?). Once you’ve connected to this unholy network, you need to put together your first ever BASEMENT BUST all by yourself, which is hard considering that the easiest basement to bust out of is Wynn’s Basement, and it features no doors and no windows, with the only light being from Wynn’s computer screen. There are influential people like Elp, Calgo, Wynn, Rooboo and Bert who would do anything in their power to stop our army from achieving our goals. Only a few days ago, we managed to destroy Wynn’s Basement – and then got the news that she has built another one right in the middle of the Club Penguin Armies media organization and is holding all reporters, graphic designers and staff hostage. Wynn also got Superhero123 to censor our army name in CPAB. Meanwhile, we have been continuously raided by raccoons and Indian girls who claim they are Mexican, they try to deplete our curry supplies in order to reduce our power. We managed to capture a raccoon, and he claimed he was promised freedom from the mines if he stole food from us. He is now under protective care in my bedroom, and enjoys free will to explore the world as he pleases, but it seems he is more drawn to Club Penguin than grass. The challenges faced by our BASED army are many, but we will never give up. FIGHT THE BASEDMENT FIGHT!

It seems like this curry-loving army has secret plans for the future. However, it’s unknown whether or not they will survive within the community. Despite this, Scorp seems to have some plans up his sleeves. Could we see the Demons become less based and invade another army? Will they continue to fight against Wynn and other influential figures? Will Wynn end up taking control of the BASEDment by trapping them in there, never to return again?

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