Is Your Army Ready for AUSIA Arena?

Soon after Rebel Penguin Federation was crowned the March Madness VIII champions, the community set its eyes on a new tournament. Learn how armies prepare for AUSIA Arena and what their AUSIA records were in the last month.

With AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition due to start in only a week from now, we all ask ourselves one question – how will the armies perform during this tournament? Not only with a different format but also during the least popular time zone? Ten armies signed up for the tourney, most of which took part in the recent March Madness edition. For those who stayed almost till the end of it, the EU time zone became the main area of focus – will it make it harder for them in the upcoming competition?

To learn about armies’ performance in the past month and to assess their level of preparation, we decided to compare the AUSIA records of each army participating in the tournament. The only ones who did not host any events in that time zone before this week are Magma Clan and Napalm Corps.

Highest AUSIA Maxes

Surprisingly, the three highest AUSIA maxes in the past 4 weeks were all claimed by the armies that are not currently known to be focusing on that time zone. It becomes more understandable though if we remember that all the top armies in this graph were or are currently at war, which contributed to their high maxes at the invasions.

Average AUSIA Maxes

The perspective shifts when we look at the average size. Although Army of Club Penguin is still in the lead, Special Weapons and Tactics fall down to the 5th place, while Dark Vikings and Water Vikings jump to a higher position. WV however, who took the first spot in the seeding, remains behind ACP and DV.

Number of AUSIA Events

When considering the average sizes, we must also look into the number of events to check if the maxes weren’t a one-time achievement. Although DV claimed the top spot in the previous graph, they only hosted one AUSIA event in the past month, which was a war battle against ACP. If we consider the number of events, WV, SWAT, and People’s Imperial Confederation may be the armies who trained with their AUSIA troops the most, closely followed by ACP and Penguins of Madagascar.

Number of AUSIA Battles

Only 6/10 of the armies participating in the AUSIA Arena hosted battles in that time zone in the past month, with SWAT and POM taking the lead thanks to their war. Is it possible that those two armies are the best prepared for the upcoming tournament? The only major army that didn’t have any AUSIA battles is Help Force, one of the previous winners of AUSIA tournaments.

AUSIA Events Percentage

Although the graph doesn’t tell much about the division’s quality, it shows how much armies focus on it. Warlords of Kosmos seem to be the only AUSIA army, but they hosted just one event in the past 4 weeks. While PIC was always giving this time zone a lot of attention, ACP taking a spot right behind them was a surprise.

When comparing all the data gathered above, it’s hard to overlook that SWAT claimed high spots in 3/5 of them. They not only hosted the most AUSIA events but also four out of five were battles. In the first graph, we can also see that they achieved the second-highest AUSIA max in the past month. However, if we look at the battle statistics created by Scorp, we will notice that SWAT’s win-loss ratio is low. The top army here is Rebel Penguin Federation, which is not participating in the tourney though. The second place was achieved by ACP, which also seems to have pretty high AUSIA statistics. Will they be the next AUSIA champions, after HF and RPF? Only time will tell.

Armies’ Overall Standings, created by Scorp

To learn more about how well are the armies preparing for AUSIA Arena, we reached out to the leaders themselves:

Cabin, Napalm Corps: Our main priority lies on growing our AUSIA. We held an AUSIA practice battle a few days ago and maxed an embarrassing 5. I believe we can max more if we put work into recruiting, registering, and training during AUSIA times.

Calgo, Army of Club Penguin:  In preparation for AUSIA Arena we will be holding increased AUSIA events, primarily battles against armies such as RPF and HF who have formidable AUSIA divisions to get hands on battle training, gauge our current skill level, and assess weak points in where we need to currently improve. As we have done for March Madness we will be putting all hands on deck for this tournament with little focus elsewhere as our sole intention is to win it all. As per usual we will be sending ACP SIS scouts out to other participating army’s events to record their PBs so that our HCOM can review the footage and develop a robust game plan going into each of our battles to capitalize on their weak points.

Meanwhile I’ll be hosting a large amount of giveaways including Discord Nitro, Robux, etc. As a staff team we will be spending everyday leading up to the tournament mass DMing our troops and recruiting as we did during MM as we will not let up on gas pedal. We may be one of the smallest staff teams for a major army but each and everyone of my staff outworks every other army in comparison. The results the past couple weeks speak for themself as we have consistently held the top AUSIA max size on TT for weeks now and we will continue to do so with our preparations in place. Our unique quality is that we are willing to do whatever it takes to win and we are extremely hungry for a trophy. Their is no limit to what we can achieve in our current state and we will continue to shatter expectations.

Desireus, Help Force: For this tournament specifically, we’ll be focusing more on reviving our troop activity. We’ll be emphasizing more on actively hosting fun events in the server, in hopes on encouraging more and more troops to have participance in the server and actually hosting games themselves to boost our server activity. Another aspect that we’ll be on is our staff team, we’ll be planning on opening applications for Junior Staff this week and also giving the staff team a good refresh. After months, we also hope that something that we’ve been planning and been under development will finally be released this week! (still a top secret) And lastly of course we’ll be having various themes to really give the hype for this tournament, and encouragement for everyone to be involved.

Dino, Water Vikings:


Krosive, Dark Vikings: So our plan is to recruit, register and train a f*ck ton. We are beasts and epic gamers.

Legoman, Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT is at war.

Lukey, Magma Clan: I will probably hold a few ausia events in the next few weeks to prepare and amp up recruiting.

Sidie, People’s Imperial Confederation: PIC isn’t expecting to win the tournament but we’ll be giving it our best. Recruiting has been ramped up and we’ve got many leaders capable of bringing the success we need to move forward. We’ve definitely got the drive and the willpower. As someone who helped to start AUSIA as a concept I won’t be going down without a fight.

Super, Warlords of Kosmos: Our plan is to utilize our wok gigachadness and achieve total victory. Our unique quality is supporting Olympiacos and Benfica and having the best uniform ever

Rye bread, Penguins of Madagascar: POM is beginning their preparation this week, testing out new AUSIA times as well as recruiting each day to build our division for this tournament. It’ll definitely be a challenge, but we have the Determination to win. This will be our first AUSIA tournament, and we have grown so much compared to our last tournament, March Madness. So I do think we have a real good chance of winning, or at the least, making it to the Finals. With a new team of dedicated troops, we are very excited to face against these armies and take that W.

With qualifiers being only a week away, the armies participating set their focus to AUSIA time zone events. Will they manage to improve their statistics from the past four weeks or will they neglect the tournament training? Who has the highest chances of winning – Special Weapons and Tactics, Army of Club Penguin, or maybe Water Vikings?

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