SWAT & Templars’ Nations Hold Steady

Six days after the simultaneous war declarations, the war between SWAT and Templars remains at full force. However, despite invasions being scheduled every day, neither army seems to be clearly taking the lead.

On April 13th the community witnessed yet another war flaring up. In an unexpected turn of events, Special Weapons and Tactics found themselves involved in a fourth war since the new year, this time against Templars. After the initial confusion regarding the terms was resolved, both armies threw themselves into the conflict, with numerous invasions being scheduled each day.

Despite Templars emerging victorious from the majority of the battles, the number of servers owned by both armies remained stable for the first few days. It’s not a secret that Templars’ AUSIA division is their weakest spot, which SWAT was able to take advantage of and regain what they previously lost at two out of three AUSIA invasions. By the fifth day, though, SWAT had succumbed to the Knights’ power in both AUSIA and US invasions, thereby putting TCP in the lead.

Saturday, April 15th

The first day of the war saw two battles being scheduled by both armies. Templars’ invasion of Jerusalem was quickly met with a response from SWAT, who scheduled the invasion of Cairo starting right after the previous one. Both armies then found themselves tangled in a back-to-back battle but it was the Knights who took home the double victory.

Sunday, April 16th

Sunday saw the first SWAT victory. The invasion of Northern Lights, scheduled on Templars for AUSIA time, had two tied rooms, but the Agents managed to break through the Knights’ defense in the third one, therefore winning their first server of the war. TCP requested a battle review but due to the lack of a proper video, the review didn’t go ahead. Templars didn’t schedule any further invasions for that day.

Monday, April 17th

Just like Saturday, Monday had two battles planned for the day. SWAT put an effort into breaching TCP’s AUSIA defense once again but their invasion of Strasbourg turned out to be unsuccessful. Apparently, though, the Agents didn’t agree with the judges’ verdict and are currently undergoing a review process. The second battle was the invasion of Rome scheduled by Templars, in which they were able to send SWAT running in all three rooms.

Tuesday, April 18th

Unlike the day before, SWAT managed to take advantage of TCP’s weakest division and this time conquer Cairo without losing a single room. Fortunately for Templar’s, though, the Agents failed to defend Constantinople from the attack later on this day, securing another win for the Knights.

Apart from the war battles, there was one more incident that took place on that day. A concerning screenshot started circulating, in which Xing, Templars’ creator, was admitting to multilogging during the war. The CPA administration managed to get to the bottom of the matter and confirm that the picture was, in fact, faked.

Wednesday, April 19th

Wednesday had only one war battle taking place. TCP scheduled an invasion of Northern Lights in an attempt to win it back from the Agents, which they succeeded. All three rooms were won by Templars, who managed to maintain a size two times bigger than SWAT’s throughout the whole battle.

To learn more about both armies’ tactics, Club Penguin Armies reached out to the leaders.

Legoman, Special Weapons and Tactics leader, shared his war plan, his army’s strengths, and Templars’ weaknesses.

Templars’ weaknesses lie in the AUSIA division, similar to when I led a war against them in 2021. We are seizing the AUSIA front as an advantage within the conflict. Our biggest strength would definitely be not dropping 9 troops in one room change. Yikes. Chosen Ones rise up! HOO RAH!

We also reached out to Nicky, a Templars leader, to ask about how his army is going to adapt to this situation.

On weekdays Dawn usually handles the AUSIA just fine, I help out a bit at first, our plan to also handle this is retaliate those AUSIAs is with events at times we can win at.

So far Templars managed to emerge victorious from the majority of the battles, win 6 of them, and invade 4 servers. SWAT, on the other hand, has won only 2 battles as of now and secured 2 servers, remaining not far behind.

With 3 more invasions scheduled by both armies, the war seems to be far from an end. Which army is going to prevail? Will SWAT be able to breach their enemy’s defenses? Or will Templars’ bigger size let them emerge victorious from the conflict?

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