Into the Light: Litt7 Retires From Dark Vikings

After just over one month of leadership, Dark Vikings are already waving goodbye to their beloved Litt7. What caused Litt7, who seemed to be excited about his future in Dark Vikings, to retire suddenly?

Litt7 joined Dark Vikings just over a month ago. Initially brought in to replace Ether, Litt7 went above and beyond by securing the army’s first place in the weekly Top Ten during his first week. From there, the army went on to fight the Army of Club Penguin. Despite losing most of the battles judged by CPAJ, the Vikings proved to be a dominant force on the battlefield.

A picture of Dark Vikings battling Army of Club Penguin. Litt7 led the battle for Dark Vikings.

April 8, 2023: Dark Vikings battling Army of Club Penguin under Litt7’s leadership

Before joining the Dark Vikings, Litt7 participated in multiple armies, such as the Rebel Penguin Federation, ACP, and the Templars. While serving as a staff member in the Templars, Litt7 honed his skills as a recruiter, becoming a valuable asset to even the most elite armies. Additionally, Litt7 fought in the infamous World War Rewritten during his time in the Clovers.

On April 19, Litt7 announced his retirement in the Dark Vikings’ Discord server. Keeping the announcement relatively short, he said he would move to an Advisor rank within the army. No reason was provided for the retirement.

A picture of Litt7's announcement in Dark Vikings server.The announcement reads: "@everyone Effective immediately I will be retiring as leader from Dark Vikings and taking an advisor role in the army."

April 19, 2023: Litt7 retires from Dark Vikings. Click to enlarge.

Sometime after this announcement, Litt7 enlisted in Magma Clan as a Leader-in-Training. This and the short announcement may suggest internal conflict within Dark Vikings. To find out more, Club Penguin Armies approached Litt7 to ask about the circumstances leading to his retirement and any plans he may have moving forward.

What led to your seemingly sudden retirement?

it felt like DV was becoming more and more toxic the more and more I looked at it, from staff and HCOM not doing their jobs besides a few good ones like Mocha (thank you Mocha you were the best US staff) to constant arguments in main chat from day 1 of me joining, I told staff countless times to fix chat and stop arguing but they kept doing it. Another reason is the war and our handling of it, the 2nd to last battle was a mess and I kinda blame myself for that since I could’ve cancelled playing tennis for CPA but I thought Thunder had it, after the cancellation of the event I was starting to mentally check out of the army, and I didnt want to keep slugging through leading an army I didnt want to lead, that’d be bad for the army, and bad on my perception of myself.

How do you feel the army performed under your leadership?

I feel that the army preformed as well as I could’ve lead it under my leadership, our war with ACP highlighted flaws within the army, our biggest one being the lack of a US division, which is on me as I didnt recruit enough while I was there. Other than that DV was a great army to lead and I was impressed many times with it such as when we tied a room against RPF in March Madness

What memories will you look back on fondly in the future?

100 percent would have to be the tournaments, February Forte being my inauguration event was amazing, especially since that was the best I’ve ever seen DV preform, March madness was also great, especially when like I stated in my last answer how we tied a room with RPF. The battles I solo lead were also decently fun, the first battle with ACP that DV showed up to I was what felt like solo leading and I feel that we did great at that battle.

What is next for you in the army community?

What’s next? I definitely want to keep doing armies, DV isn’t the final chapter to my story, I’ve been thinking about joining Magma Clan as I know a lot of people there. As for final comments? GG no re war was fun @acp

Based on Litt’s initial announcement and subsequent enlistment in Magma Clan, it appears that Litt’s retirement has more than meets the eye. As Dark Vikings work to resolve any internal issues they may be facing, Club Penguin Armies extends its best wishes to the army and their future endeavors without their former leader. Similarly, we wish Litt all the best as he begins his new role within Magma Clan.

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