Aaronstone42 Ranks the Best Army Uniforms of All Time

Army legend Aaronstone42 has seen his fair share of army uniforms over the last 14 years and is now ranking what he believes to be the Best Army Uniforms of All Time.

Best Army Uniforms

Water Viking Aaronstone42 is famed for his leadership positions in the Underground Mafias Army and Water Vikings, and was recently inducted as a 2022 army legend. At present, he sits at the head of the High Council of Vikings.

He joined the army community in November 2009, and as such has nearly 14 years of army experience under his belt. This makes him the perfect man to share his thoughts on army uniforms, and a top five ranking for the ‘Best Army Uniforms of All Time’.

Disclaimer: This ranking is Aaronstone’s personal opinion only, and may not reflect the views of other army community members. In fact, it most definitely won’t.


5. Light Troops

Kicking off his top five rankings is the iconic Light Troops. Aaronstone explains: “I have always been a fan of the Light Troops uniform. I love the winged helmet and the fireman jacket’s silver linings and the way it blends with the silver shield. The Light Troops are a legendary and unique army and so was their uniform – it’s recognizable on sight.”


4. Rebel Penguin Federation

At number four is the Rebel Penguin Federation: “The RPF uniform is iconic and has so much history behind it. I am not a big fan of keeping a uniform all the same color – which is ironic considering my Water Vikings connection but that is why I switch up my own personal in-game uniform.”

“RPF keeps the look all black besides the night vision goggles and the red backpack which works very well. It still looks great but is ranked lower on my top 5 because there’s not much color variation.”


3. Army of Club Penguin

Just making it into the top three is the Army of Club Penguin, specifically the 2010-2017 uniform variant: “ACP’s uniform is so iconic and nobody has a uniform quite like them. Starting from the beginning when our community was just starting out, the green letterman jacket has been a staple of the uniform for its entire existence.”

“The Roman Helmet is nice, but I do believe the 2010-2017 variant of the ACP uniform reigns supreme. I feel like the Red Viking Helmet makes the uniform a bit more intimidating and the added red blends well with the rest of the uniform.”


2. Nachos

In second position is the historic Nachos: “This is probably the most creative and iconic uniform on my list. Everyone knew when the Nachos showed up because of the very recognizable sombrero hat and maracas – when you saw those, you knew you were in for a fight!”

“Another thing was this uniform allowed for so much creativity to be done with it, almost every Nacho uniform was unique outside of the standard Nacho uniform you see below.”


1. Underground Mafias Army

Aaronstone concludes his ranking by crowning the Underground Mafias Army as the ‘Best Uniform of All Time’.

“For an army that withstood two civil wars, one of which spawned one of the greatest armies of all time, a long history of coups and internal drama, UMA held strong and so did its uniform.”

“The uniform remained the same from its inception in 2007 because the items in it were almost always available.”

“You can’t go wrong with red and black – you can interchange the red hat with the red bandana or you could swap out the hockey stick for the red guitar. Overall, everything about this uniform is perfect and it’s the hands-down best army uniform to be made.”

And there you have it: Aaronstone42’s ranking for the ‘Best Army Uniforms of All Time.’ With so many great uniforms to consider, this certainly was not an easy task for him to narrow it down to just five. Do you share his opinion, or can you think of anything he missed out on?

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