Army of Club Penguin Claim Victory in Muddy Marathon

After two weeks of battles, the Army of Club Penguin has claimed victory over Dark Vikings in the Muddy Marathon war. The Clovers were also quick to imply that the conflict isn’t over but will not continue in the current league-less war format.

The tension between Dark Vikings and the Army of Club Penguin increased daily after the latter ended the two’s alliance. They specifically had a problem with Viking leader Ether, who has a controversial past. On March 30 this year, the Army of Club Penguin officially declared war on Dark Vikings. Alongside this declaration, leader Calgocubs21 accused the army of harassing Clover staff.

Almost immediately, concerns about how the war would occur were raised as Dark Vikings do not participate in the Club Penguin Armies map. The Army of Club Penguin transferred five of their 50 servers to the Vikings to counteract this. Despite the transfers being declined, the war would continue. On top of the lack of land, Dark Vikings hesitated to appear in battles until their response was public. The Clovers proceeded to raid a Dark Vikings training event, leading to the first battle.

Picture of Army of Club Penguin fighting Dark Vikings in a battle during Muddy Marathon

April 2, 2023: Army of Club Penguin raids Dark Viking’s training event

On April 9, 2023, Dark Vikings leader Krosive released a statement (content warning: contains strong language) regarding the war. He breaks down each Army of Club Penguin accusation in his post, responds accordingly, and even counter-declares on the Clovers. Dark Vikings called into question the morales of Alucard, now former Army of Club Penguin high command. In response to his wrongdoings, the Clovers almost immediately relieved Alucard of his position within the army. The war waged on.

Like almost all wars in the modern age, this war experienced a lack of judges. Following frustrations from Calgocubs21, the war returned to an older style of warfare. This meant that battles might go ahead without judges. The remainder of the battles were either ignored by Dark Vikings or led to Clover victories, typically due to size advantages. The Army of Club Penguin claims to have won eight battles and lost none, whereas Dark Vikings claim to have won two battles and lost none.

Picture of Army of Club Penguin fighting Dark Vikings in the final battle of Muddy Marathon

April 15, 2023: Latest ‘AUSIA’ battle in Muddy Marathon conflict

The Clovers announced on April 16 that they would not continue the war in its current state. They claim to be victorious in the war, citing larger sizes and Viking no-shows as the main reason. However, the lack of a formal treaty leaves the conclusion of this war up for debate. Dark Vikings have made no official comment on the war’s end but have no scheduled battles.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Litt7 and Calgocubs21 for a statement regarding how each army felt they performed and any future plans they may have.

Litt7: I feel that Dark Viking’s performance wasnt as good as I expected, especially with how we performed at February Forte. I think this war showed some flaws in the Dark Vikings leadership chain which I hope to fix, this war also showed how bad the US division is and that is my fault, I havent been recruiting and retaining US troops enough and I need to fix that. DV’s plan for the future however? I cant say, I hope we go on the up and up and bounce back better than we ever have before, especially if we’re in another no allies war like this one was.

Calgocubs21: Overall this war revealed a lot about our strengths and weaknesses in our current state post March Madness. Our sizes have been overwhelmingly dominant with our AUSIA holding the highest max size for 3 weeks straight now while our UK Division maxed 35 twice back to back. That being said we still have a lot to improve upon including the increasingly concerning issue of AFK troops in our attendance due to all the new recruits that we have been bringing into the fold. Our team has made note of this issue and we have plans in store to ensure that we minimize the amount of AFKs we have online as we have done in the past prior to March.

First and foremost we will be pivoting our focus and plans toward winning AUSIA Arena as our exit from March Madness left us hungry for redemption. This war was a bit disappointing as we didn’t really get a true challenge so after the tournament we will be exploring options for our next war quite soon. This is just the beginning of our war arc…

With AUSIA Arena just around the corner, it’s likely that both armies will want to focus on that. Since the conclusion of this war, the community has been at peace again. Dark Vikings and Army of Club Penguin fought well, but will we see both armies go at it again in the future?

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