Battle Metrics: Introducing the First Battle-Based Top Ten

Battle Metrics is an analytical system designed to promote warfare and engagement among armies. The publication is replete with extensive statistics, informative facts, and rankings of the top ten armies, showcasing their impact in the field of war. Additionally, we provide an in-depth analysis of past wars, offering a head-to-head comparison of the armies involved.

The Battle Metrics system only takes into account battle records that have concrete results and were judged by the CPAJ. To ensure accuracy and relevancy, the system focuses on records from January 1st, 2023 to April 16th. The post will feature the rankings first. In the later part of the post, we dive into detailed statistics, facts and war stats that led to the ranking.


1. Rebel Penguin Federation [181.36]

2. Special Weapons and Tactics [108.06]

3. Penguins of Madagascar [94.11]

4. Templars [85.50]

5. Water Vikings [67.50]

6. Army of Club Penguin [67]

7. Dark Vikings [57.67]

8. Help Force [55.08]

9. Warlords Of Kosmos [24.83]

10. Magma Clan [13.67]

11. People’s Imperial Confederation [8.83]

Currently active armies not included in this list haven’t participated in any CPAJ judged battles yet.

Analysis 1: Number of Battles

The total number of battles contributes to the scores shown above. Moreover, the number of War battles and Tournament battles provide a further boost to the score. This metric saw SWAT come out at the top with a whopping 31 battles. Meanwhile, active armies that hosted events recently, such as Napalm Corps, failed to make it to this list.

Analysis 2: Battle Max Averages

Although only the overall battle max average contributes to the scoring system, there are various aspects to this analysis. The Army of Club Penguin topped this chart, with an average max of 44. This can be attributed to the fact that most of their war battles in the recent war with Dark Vikings were either unjudged, or their opponents did not show up. This led to their tournament maxes heavily affecting the average, while other armies had a mixture of wars, practice battles and tournament maxes.

Analysis 3: Overall Standings

The Overall Standings table is a reflection of the model used by major sports leagues. The two major aspects of this table are Win Percentage, and the Win/Loss Difference columns. Rebel Penguin Federation has an intimidating Win Percentage of 100%, reflecting their undefeated status since the beginning of this year. Meanwhile, SWAT has a negative Win/Loss difference of -12, despite engaging in 31 battle so far. It is quite possible that they will fix this record, with their ongoing war with the Templars.

That marks the end of the statistics which directly contributed to the ranking of the armies. We now take a look at some general statistics that reflect the state of the army community in general.

General Statistics: Battle Classifications

Battle Classifications reflects the distribution of Major-Major, Major-S/M and S/M-S/M battles so far. The interaction between the S/M community is quite low, but this may be a deviation caused by the exclusion of non-judged battles. Regardless, there were only two S/M-S/M battles since the start of the year. Considering the emphasis placed by the Top Ten Armies list on Major-S/M and Major-Major battles, this may be a result of S/M armies trying to place higher on the list as well.

General Statistics: Time Zone Distribution

The Time Zone Distribution analysis shows expected results. With the heavy emphasis on EU-based tournaments, it is obvious that armies prefer to hold other type of battles in EU and US time zones as well. This occurs despite the benefits of AUSIA curve and the considerable presence of the AUSIA community in all armies. Hopefully, the situation will change with the upcoming AUSIA tournaments.

[PERSONAL OPINION] Discussion Regarding Rankings

Although it is true that SWAT has been actively engaged in warfare this year, their recent track record shows that they have been struggling to achieve victories. In fact, they lost every single room in their 10-battle war against RPF, except for a tie in the very last room of the final battle. Additionally, they also faced losses in their war against POM. This resulted in a low win ratio and win/loss difference for SWAT, which negatively impacted their overall score. On the other hand, RPF has been consistently performing exceptionally well, with a top-notch win ratio and a high number of tournament and war battles, leading to a massive score.

Critics of the ranking system might suggest that it favors RPF over other armies, but consider the example of Help Force, a high ranked army that has only participated in 4 battles. If we combine Help Force’s low interactions with RPF’s undefeated record, according to the ranking formula, RPF would only receive 76 points and rank 4th, above Water Vikings. WV hosted a total of 8 battles, but only 1 was a tournament battle. Let us not forget that tournaments and wars have much serious consequences, thus increasing their importance in comparison to practice battles. Therefore, the ranking of RPF would have been much lower had they not participated in and won every single battle of the war against SWAT. In its own way, the formula glorifies armies that can clean sweep entire wars and tournaments, while also giving small armies like POM a chance to appear at the top by interacting with major armies (and defeating them).

Click here to view the Battle Datasheet

This marks the end of today’s issue. In the next issue, we will be taking a more focused look on all the wars that have occurred in the past half year. Feel free to message scorp#9657 if you wish to correct any mistakes made in this issue, or have suggestions for the column. See ya in the next one!

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