SWAT & Templars Declare War Simultaneously; War Term Confusion Ensues

In a stunning turn of events, Special Weapons And Tactics enter into a war with the Templars less than two weeks after their last war ended. These two armies are no strangers to conflict, particularly with one another. In a matter that invokes much intrigue, both armies published their declarations just seconds apart. Who will emerge victorious?

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UPDATE @ 8 pm EST: In a shocking turn of events, the evidence provided by SWAT was disproved by the Templar’s leadership.

The war is to go ahead with the “No allies allowed” term. The screenshot below shows that the term was as such at the moment of publication.

UPDATE @ 1 pm EST: After more information came to light, it was found that Templars had modified their war terms to no allies, after originally stating they were allowed. The edit was made on the war declaration post after announcing it on the CPA discord server.

Screenshot showing the war terms were changed after publishing

As a result, the original terms are to be followed with allies being permitted during the course of this rivalry. This decision was briefed to the respective army leaders by the administration, providing full context into the situation.

The Special Weapons And Tactics and the Templars are no strangers to war, especially with one another. The most recent conflict between the two pitted the Circus Alliance, made up of Templars, Army of Club Penguin, and Dark Vikings to fight the Agents in a three-on-one war. Before that, the pair clashed in yet another alliance war in late 2021 when the Templars, alongside the Red Dawn Alliancedeclared war on SWAT. SWAT recently reached the conclusion of their war with the Penguins of Madagascar. Earlier this year the agents also clashed with the Rebel Penguin Federation. Thus, this conflict will mark their third war of the year, in a span of just four months.

January 2023: Practice battle between SWAT and Templars

In the previous year, the Templars initiated more than eight wars, leaving a lasting impact on the community. However, this is their first war since the multilogging exposé in January 2023. This included proof of Xing multilogging in the invasion of SWAT’s capital during their war with the Circus Alliance. The exposé led to a force treaty by SWAT on TCP, which expired a month ago on March 13th.

Terms of the force treaty; click to enlarge

On April 14th, both armies released statements declaring on each other simultaneously. However, the Templars’ invasion was scheduled slightly ahead of SWAT’s, which is believed to give them an advantage. Notably, the only difference in the terms between the two armies is that the Templars do not allow allies and dual enlistment, while SWAT is open to the possibility. Club Penguin Armies administration ruled the Templar’s war terms were first, but invalidated two specific terms.

Only the Templars clarified the reason behind their post within the war declarations. Templars leader Nicky states that they “want the holy land.” In an attempt to learn more about the situation, Club Penguin Armies approached both armies to question their motives and reaction to the other’s concurrent declaration.

Dawn, Templars Leader: Templars declared war on SWAT to get the holy land back. Me and Nicky have wanted to go to war for a while to test ourselves in war and get our land that we lost back and above all see how well our Templars performs. It wasn’t much of a shocker that SWAT declared too giving we know exactly who sent the Templars declaration to them and when it happened.

LEGOMAN, SWAT Leader: @@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@

Both armies seem eager to march into battle once again. The first four battles are already scheduled and both Templars and SWAT are entering the war fully prepared to take the other down. Templar’s leader Dawn states they “know exactly who sent the declaration to [SWAT]” – is there a mole within the ranks?

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