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Are you ready to open the CPA Time Capsule and see who can predict the future? In this edition of Time Capsule, we take a more focused approach to those we surveyed. What do the Head Judges think of the current system and do they predict any changes?

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Head Judges are very influential members of the army community that oversee the hiring of judges, and the reviews of battles within Club Penguin Army Judges. Judging has recently been a topic on everyone’s mind due to the Pact of Women’s History between SWAT and Penguins of Madagascar voicing mutual dissatisfaction over judging, as well as a recent editorial regarding judging being the “most hated job in CPA.” Another editorial followed shortly thereafter, detailing the thoughts of a Head Judge. With this in mind, Time Capsule has set out to interview the four current Head Judges. We aim to see their take on the present system and predictions for the future. However, Paddy was unable to get back to us in a timely fashion.

What do you think the Club Penguin Army community will look like by December 2023?

Yvng Baller, Head Judge: By that time, I believe the community will be on a slight decline compared to today. Armies have been slowly dying for the last 2 years now, and I believe that trend will continue with sizes slightly going down for armies and maybe 1 or 2 army shutdowns.

Popcorny, Head Judge: I believe the community will be quite similar to how it is now, a couple armies might pop up and another major might fall to the wayside, however with enough people sticking around and barring a major event, I think it carries on the slow decline.

Spotty803, Head Judge: I think that it’ll look less active that as of right now. At this point in time summer is incoming and the holidays are near. However by December we would be back into the full jist of education having said farewell to multiple other individuals as more people out-grow this community.

Presently, do you think judges are the “most hated job in CPA”?

Yvng Baller, Head Judge: I don’t believe that judges are the most hated job in CPA. I believe that the admins are more hated today compared to judges. We have seen the admins being hated on for a bit now especially with people like Spotty and recently Rowan as examples. But I def believe that judges are hated though.

Popcorny, Head Judge: If you’re asking is to be a judge is a hated job then I wouldn’t say so, I think people who judge get some sort of enjoyment out of it but I think judges get a decent amount of hate but in shorter bursts, whereas administrators of leagues get more over longer periods of time.

Spotty803, Head Judge: After holding the top three highest roles league wise, I’d have to say yes. Admins do get hate but usually only in a tournament or a war, but judging is every single day. If judges don’t show for freeland they find themselves dealing with backlash. Additionally, reviews have become extremely common recently causing more troubles issues for judges.

What judging reforms – if any – do you predict to happen this year?

Yvng Baller, Head Judge: Judging reforms I predict will happen this year is definitely the change of the current judging guidelines. The guidelines are outdated and need to be changed as we saw in recent wars specifically the SWAT and POM war as it was causing issues for both the judges and armies alike. I also believe there will be new head judges in place at some point, due to the complaints from army leaders of head judge activity and reliability recently.

Popcorny, Head Judge: There’ll perhaps be some reforms to the guidelines, I am unsure at the moment as to the level of change that will come, if any.

Spotty803, Head Judge: I think we are due a guidelines overhaul, especially as it has been a while since we’ve had one. I think we will also see a revamp in our head judges team with new ideas being bought in. However, overall I think it will stay fairly similar with CPAJ being the home of judges.

Do you have any goals you would like to achieve in 2023?

Yvng Baller, Head Judge: The goals I have as a Head Judge I would like to achieve in 2023 is of course change the judging guidelines as it def needs to be updated and to have CPAJ gain more trust with the army leaders and reps since the trust and reliability have been going down lately due to the issues that have been being brought up and the issues. Also to just remain active in general as a HJ in the community.

Popcorny, Head Judge: I wouldn’t mind sticking around like a smelly fart for a bit longer.

Spotty803, Head Judge: I finish university in May so once I have more free time I’ve been planning on sitting down and looking at revamping the judging system, guidelines and discussing reviews with the leaders.

What is one change you would like to see in the community by the end of the year?

Yvng Baller, Head Judge: One change I would like to see in the community by the end of the year is new faces leading and running armies as its been sorta the same people running them for a while now tbh. Would be nice to see new people in charge and starting a new generation of CPA. Also getting rid of all the unnecessary drama and tension within armies thats been going on for a while now.

Popcorny, Head Judge: I’d like to see either everyone comes together to either unite on one map or just get rid of maps entirely. Whatever unites the armies.

Spotty803, Head Judge: Just some stability, at the moment we’ve witnessed so many dramas from both leagues and armies themselves. Judging wise like I’ve said I’d like to see a newly formed judging guidelines and an updated way of judging to ensure leaders don’t keep feeling the need to call for reviews.

Each of these Head Judges has insightful perspectives on their experiences and aspirations throughout the year. From the interview, it is evident that all the Head Judges have agreed about the need for a reform of judging guidelines. What do YOU think? How long will it take for the guidelines to be changed? Which Head Judges will remain at the end of 2023? Will Paddy ever answer an interview in a timely fashion?

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