Retrograde Warfare: The Deadlock Dissension Continues Without Judges

The war between the Army of Club Penguin and Dark Vikings, dubbed the Deadlock Dissension, continues to rage on with five battles under its belt so far. Regrettably, most of these battles progressed without the involvement of any judges, leading to massive discrepancies regarding the score. Let us review the events that occurred in this conflict so far.

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The Deadlock Dissension commenced on March 30th, after the Army of Club Penguin declared war on their former allies Dark Vikings. Clover commander Calgocubs21 attempted to transfer five servers to the Vikings to initiate a war on the map. However, the Vikings declined the offer without initially citing any reason for it. In their war declaration, the ACP included a term that stated:

In the case that DV ignores this declaration and the land transfer, we shall wage war OG style where both sides follow their own rules and make decisions between ACP and DV.

After the war declaration, the Dark Vikings remade their general chat. The Vikings also acknowledged the war in their announcements channel. The war began with two landless battles, judged by Club Penguin Army Judges. However, the Vikings did not either of these battles, resulting in the ACP claiming victory. The first of these two battles, called Invasion of Delta, took place on March 31st at 9 am EST. The second battle, Invasion of Klondike, took place on April 1st at 3 pm EST. Although the titles of these battles are based on servers existing on the map, DV refused the transfer of the servers. Hence, the battles proceeded as landless battles, judged as mere war conflicts, and the titles were for naming purposes only. However, the Dark Vikings have ignored these battles from their war score.

ACP Invasion of Klondike

On April 2nd, ACP logged onto Battleground with the intention of raiding the Vikings’ event at 3 pm EST. This raid went on for three rooms, with the Clovers claimed a max of 35, while the Vikings claimed a max of 21. As expected, both armies claimed a win in the conflict. Subsequently, the Clovers took a further step by submitting a recording of the battle to a CPAJ Judge for review. The outcome of this review resulted in the Clovers winning across all three rooms. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that CPAJ prohibits battles from being judged based on video recordings. Currently, both armies are factoring this battle into their war score. At this point in the timeline, ACP’s version of the score becomes 3-0-0, and DV’s score becomes 1-0-0.

The first battle between Clovers and Vikings with the Vikings in attendance

On April 7th, ACP claimed their fourth victory in an event on April 7th. As per the Clovers’ claim, the Vikings abandoned their ongoing plan to raid the event after witnessing low maxes. However, the Dark Vikings disregarded this as a battle and did not factor it into their war score. This resulted in ACP’s score reaching 4-0-0, while DV continued to claim 1-0-0.

The fourth battle considered by the Clovers

The latest battle in this thus far confusing war transpired on April 8th. Both armies entered the battlefield with equal strength, with the Clovers and Vikings claiming a maximum of 21 and 23, respectively. After an excitingly close battle across Stadium, Snow Forts, and Inside Mine, both armies concluded the encounter by claiming victory. Consequently, the current score in the war stands at ACP claiming 5-0-0, and DV claiming 2-0-0.

The fifth/second battle of this war.

The conspicuous absence of judges in this war has led to an utter lack of clarity, reminiscent of the infamous World War Rewritten. From here, the war may persist ad infinitum, as there exists no concrete outcome upon which either army can declare victory. This situation is what led to the war being dubbed as the Deadlock Dissent. The name describes a conflict that is mired in a never ending loop.

The Army of Club Penguin alleged that the Dark Vikings refused to include CPAJ judges. Nonetheless, Viking Commander Krosive rebutted this claim when asked about it by the Club Penguin Armies team. This is what he had to say regarding the war:

Acp will not win this war as we will destroy them no matter what, they can talk about how shit our US division is but at the end of the day we steam rolled ACP last battle.

This is what ACP leader Calgo had to say regarding the war and DV claiming they were not refusing the inclusion of judges:

Watch us by our actions, not our words. DV’s efforts against us are futile at best.
DV Leadership have shown once again that they are incapable of sticking to what they say. Their own actions by their leaders contradict each other. ACP made several attempts to schedule out battles through CPAJ to have proper judging in place, yet they no showed for all of them. Despite their refusal, we have found a way around this by recording our battles when we have someone available to do so and requesting judging reviews after the fact to get them to show up.
When I confronted one of DV’s leaders Litt7 about it in VC, he made it quite apparent that they were against us using judges. Put simply, they’d rather claim victory after every battle and feed their troops propaganda as a form of coping than show real courage to take up the challenge despite the odds being stacked against them. Krosive is only saying that they aren’t refusing CPAJ judges for the publicity so that he doesn’t look like a complete fool in front of all his degenerate CPAT friends. The facts speak for themself.

Editor’s Note: On April 10th, the Vikings made public an exposé, responding to the Clovers’ war declaration. The Club Penguin Armies team is currently investigating the allegations made by both sides. In view of the grave and momentous nature of the proofs tendered, coverage of these posts will be presented in full detail in a future article.

The Vikings’ latest post introduces new war terms. The Vikings have specified that the CPAJ will adjudicate all forthcoming battles. Additionally, it is made clear that the Vikings intend to conduct this conflict outside the Club Penguin Armies map. With its absence from the server map, it seems that this war will continue in a retrograde manner. This conflict has thus far presented itself in a perplexing manner. However, with the involvement of judges, the chances of future battles ending with more conclusive results seem bright. Who do you think will win this war? Will the ACP prevail, or will the DV defeat the historic army? How will ACP respond to the allegations made by the DV?

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