First Time In 8 Years: SWAT Makes It To #1

As of last week, the Special Weapons and Tactics have attained the first position in the Top Ten. After 2015, this is their first time dominating the Top Ten Armies list.

The last week of March came to an end with the Special Weapons and Tactics acquiring first place in the Top Ten. With a total of 12 events held during that week, the army maxed 25, its highest size, at the Invasion of Sanctum of Penguins against the Penguins of Madagascar. Having dominated the Top Ten Armies around 8 years back, this is quite the milestone for the Agents.

SWAT getting #1

The army’s current leader, Legoman, wrote a post about the same on their official website, titled, “2,695 Days – SWAT #1.” which not only highlighted the army achieving #1 after 8 years but also featured statements from old and new members and their thoughts on SWAT obtaining the first spot after years.

Legoman’s official announcement in the army’s discord server

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to reach out to Lego and Jes, one of the current Leaders in Training at SWAT, and know their thoughts on the army getting #1.

How do you feel about achieving this milestone?

Jes: As someone who is new to Club Penguin and the culture, I didn’t know all the hard work it actually took to achieve number #1. Now that I have been able to witness and help an army that I’m a part of reach number one feels amazing, to see all of our combined efforts finally pay off I couldn’t be more proud of SWAT.

Lego: I feel phenomenal about achieving this honor within the community, to be able to have led SWAT during this milestone has been excellent. This is not the victory of one individual, it is a culmination of the efforts of the entire army. More info can be found in my post on the SWAT site.

What, in your opinion, has helped SWAT the most in making this happen?

Jes:  What I think helped SWAT the most in achieving this is our ability to never give up even when no one believed in us.

Lego: Without a doubt, I attribute this victory to our phenomenal troops, staff, and HCOM. So many members showed incredible initiative during this war, whether hyping chat, recruiting, or relaying the tactics that I yell in event VC. Everyone who attended even a single SWAT event throughout the week made a huge impact on this victory.

What are your plans with the army for the future?

Jes: My plans for SWAT’s future is to keep helping in any way that I can to grow the army and to hopefully be leading it soon.

Lego: We have seen an incredible team assemble with the addition of new advisory members, HCOM, and staff. We intend to build up more momentum and hopefully experience another Golden Age in the Summer.

Would you like to give any advice to other army leaders that aspire for their army to one day achieve first place in the Top Ten?

Jes: My advice for any other army that aspires to reach number one is to be persistent, try thinking of creative ways to keep your troops interested, and most importantly never give up, especially when people doubt you. SWAT FOREVER.

Lego: Don’t give up.


It is without a doubt that this victory of the Agents has come from immense efforts and hard work put in by not only the staff but the troops of the army as well. SWAT has shown perseverance and determination throughout its journey, and we commend them for it. On behalf of Club Penguin Armies, I would like to congratulate the Special Weapons and Tactics for achieving this milestone and wish them the very best in all of their future endeavors.


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