CPA Spotlight Investigation: Scars Caught Multilogging for Magma Clan

The first battle of the Magma Clan and Penguins and Madagascar war was instantly overshadowed by the mulgilogging accusations made against the former. Is the war over before it really started and what really happened?

Spotlight is the investigative department at Club Penguin Armies that looks into cases of cheating and corruption within the community.

The war between Magma Clan and Penguins of Madagascar broke out on April 2nd, after Lukey, the Magma Clan leader, scheduled an invasion of Moscow. The first invasion of the war took place on Wednesday and was initially a successful one. Three minutes later, the judge invalidated it as a result of a multilogging proof coming to light.

A Magma Clan member, Scar, multilogged two accounts through the whole invasion of Moscow – scars and 54xx. Scars streamed both of his browser tabs in the army’s server, which could suggest it was his objective to harm Magma Clan. He would also post a picture of himself on two accounts just before the room change.

Two minutes after the battle concluded, Lukey confronted him in the main chat. Scar responded with grave accusations against his leader, and stated Lukey promised him nitro in exchange for multilogging. Later on, Magma Clan banned Scar and publicly condemned him with an official announcement because of his actions.

To investigate the situation further, we reached out to Scar and Lukey for statements:

Scar: I multilog because promise nitro and i feel bad they lose army war i may hear wrong about nitro but in my heritage of scars cp we multilog lot so i didnt think it was not allow i also multilog for templar so i tjought it was fine also not told to stop so i assume keep go viva scars and 54 etc

Lukey: leading up to the event i see scars in chat. and he says he wants to come to the event when i asked him. im like alright cool. so right before the event begins im in vc and hes in there, not sure who else was there at the time but i think one of my mods were there. So Scars goes into my dms because he has no mic and says give me leader and ill log on obviously i say no, then he says LiT and i say no and then he says 2ic and a half so im like bet and I make him a special joke 2ic in a half role for the event that i was going to remove after. this role has no admin perms and has no access to staff chats. so after this he logs on with two penguins, scars and 54xx (which is also his). I instantly recognize this penguin and no its him cause 54x is banned from the discord server. Scars confirms hes multilogging by posting a picture of himself on both accounts. This was probably 3 minutes before room change so at the time i was current doing other shit. when the first room was announce scars obviously joined in and eventually started streaming him on both accounts. at this point all i could do was laugh because i dont have any form of cpab mod permission and if i banned scars from the discord server he’d probably bring 6 more penguins. i dm nicky mid event and was like yo scars is multilogging can we ignore that because we had 10 people on not counting the 54xx account. Nicky says that the event is probably going to be invalid because of said multilogging. scars was banned right after the event in our discord server so he cant do something like this again

Scar was not able to provide any proof to back up his claims. He also couldn’t name any witnesses of the Magma Clan leader promising him nitro, which allegedly happened in the event voice chat, just before the battle. Lukey on the other hand sent us screenshots of his conversation with Nicky, who was judging the invasion, and one of the audit log. The pictures confirmed his side of the story.

The screenshot above confirms that Lukey did contact Nicky about a multilogging troop while the invasion was still ongoing. It was first announced as successful because the judge wasn’t able to check his DMs before.

After the invasion, the Penguins of Madagascar also accused Lukey of multilogging. They claimed two of his accounts were online in the battle room at the same time. We investigated those claims as well but managed to confirm it was Lukey’s brother that used the account.

After contacting everyone involved, the administration unanimously decided that Magma Clan can’t be punished for the actions of a rogue member. The invasion remains invalid and the multilogged penguins won’t be counted for the Top Ten points, but the organisation won’t draw any further consequences. The army is not responsible for what happened and its leader acted accordingly, contacting the judge and the administration.

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  1. Legoman April 10, 2023 (9:46 pm)

    Here we go again

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