Kingfunks4 Ranks The Top Articles of All Time

Media legend Kingfunks4 takes up the challenge of ranking the ‘Top Articles of All Time.’

Kingfunks4 has been involved in the media side of the army community since he held a Head of Site position in Club Penguin Army Express over 13 years ago in 2010. He went on to serve as a Chief Executive Officer for the iconic Club Penguin Army Central multiple times, and more recently was an administrator and founder of the Club Penguin Army Headquarters.

Kingfunks4 recently collaborated with the media team at Club Penguin Armies to bring you his ranking of the ‘Top Article of All Time.’ With so many posts and brilliant writers across the years, in both the original and private server army community, it was certainly a difficult decision. An important disclaimer: this ranking is Kingfunks4’s personal opinion only, and may not reflect the views of other army community members. In fact, it most definitely won’t.

5. Back to the Dawn: An Interview with Watex

Coming in at number five is a CPAHQ column by army legend and Club Penguin Army Battleground owner, Superhero123. On April 9, 2021, just months after CPAHQ’s opening, Superhero managed to secure an interview with Watex Warriors creator, Watex.

Kingfunks4 says: “The ‘Back to the Dawn’ series was a fantastic column that I admired greatly, partly for how well they were written, but more so for the commitment and great levels of research that it took to find the information needed for them.

“My favourite of this series was the Watex interview, which I found informative and was also amazed that he could be reached!”

Kingfunks4 Ranks: Superhero123


4. Recon Federation: An Inside View Of The Hidden Regime

Perhaps one of the most famous articles from the CPPS era of the army community, this expose of the Recon Federation was penned by Jack283 in May 2020.

Kingfunks4 explains why this takes his number four spot: “The history of the Recon Federation is well known to everyone in the recent years of CP Armies, but this article, from someone who actually does not have a big history in media, stood in my memory as memorable. He managed to gain access into a gated community and presented the facts to open up about what actually happened in the army – ultimately leading to punishments being put on the army.”

Kingfunks4 Ranks: Recon Federation


3. Exclusive Interview with Purple Republic Leader Violentalleta

Written by the creator of CPAC in July 2011, this article from Woton was the first to lift the guise on the infamous Purple Republic, who had been causing chaos across the community with their supremacist ideology.

Kingfunks4 told us: “Whilst this is not one of the most well-written posts ever, in fact, many in the 2009-2013 era were not until CPAC modernised, Woton, creator of CPAC, managed to gain unique access to Purple Republic founder Violentalleta in an interview never seen before.”

He continues: “What is also remarkable is the response to this post, with 328 comments. CPAC and Purple Republic would continue their interactions for many years into the future.” Notably, the article also earned CPAC its largest single-day website view count – 5,075 hits.

Kingfunks4 Ranks: Purple Republic


2. Top 30 Armies of All Time: 5-1

Kingfunks4 ranks the final edition of the ‘Top 30 Armies of All Time’ in his runner-up position. It was written by CPAC CEO Zakster in 2015, supported by Lord Albaro, Tompenguin, Mach & Lorenzo Bean.

Kingfunks4 explains: “Columns are always ones that stand out to me, and this is the one that I remember the most. It was the first of its kind to focus on big-ranking projects. This was highly controversial, which is one of the main reasons that I liked the post and the discussions that took place in the six-part series.”

Kingfunks4 Ranks: Top Ten Armies of All Time


1. Editorial: Who Are We To Blame?

And finally, Kingfunks4 ranks Bluesockwa1‘s 2015 ‘Editorial: Who Are We To Blame?’ as his top post of all time. He explains: “This was one of the lowest points that our community had gone through, with 2015 seeing record low sizes. In typical Bluesockwa fashion, he brilliantly dissects the reasons for the decline in CP Armies.” 

Kingfunks4 Ranks: Who are we to blame?


And there you have it: Kingfunks4’s ranking for the ‘Top Articles of All Time.’ With so many brilliantly written posts to consider, this certainly was not an easy task for him. Do you share his opinion, or can you think of anything he missed out on?

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