Five Years Of Golden Triumphs: Templars Celebrate Their Fifth Anniversary

Hundreds of nights and knights is what it took for the Templars to finally reach the five year milestone. The golden knights are set to celebrate their fifth anniversary on April 4th, in their own unique style.

Xing created the Templars on April 4th, 2018. In an inkling of their future aggressive ways, the army launched into a war against the Elite Guardians. Both armies declared victory in this war, leaving the status under debate. Following a period of inactivity due to a deface, the knights resurrected themselves on June 4th. Within three days, the army went to war against the Rebel Penguin Federation. This skirmish proved to be the precursor of the historic World War VII, between the Red Dawn Alliance and the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Templars in a battle against the Elite Guardians

Following conflicts with the Elite Guardians and the New Viking Alliance, the Templars moved from the Club Penguin Online Army League to Club Penguin Rewritten. However, they returned to the league in July 2019, and went on to dominate the map. The leaders adopted a philosophy of being the protector of small armies. Throughout the year, the knights jousted with armies like the Help Force, the Doritos, the Royals and the Ice Warriors.

In May 2020, the Templars moved back to Club Penguin Rewritten, and gradually grew their power with multiple server invasions. However, these conquests proved detrimental to their reputation within the small army community. The knights were brought to their knees by the Army of Club Penguin in a war that ended with a force treaty. Following an exile from the league, the Templars re-emerged as a dominant force in 2021.

Templars in the Fjord Frenzy tournament in 2020

The knights engaged in fierce skirmishes with virtually every army in the community, usually resulting in triumphs. Xing, the mastermind behind the Templars, emerged as the Person of the Year in 2021. The army’s growth during a period of community decline was largely credited to him. The golden knights emerged unscathed from several wars with armies like the Water Vikings, Special Weapons and Tactics, the Army of Club Penguin, and the Silver Empire. Following the dual war declarations from the Black Ice Alliance, the Templars left the Club Penguin Army Network league.

In 2022, the Templars demonstrated unparalleled dominance, breaking records and winning numerous wars and tournaments under the auspices of the new Club Penguin Armies organization. The golden knights once again showcased their active approach by engaging in wars with multiple armies. They won the New Year Bonanza, and entered into the penultimate stages of almost every major tournament since. They broke the Rebels’ record by consecutively holding the top position for twenty one weeks in a row since January 9th, 2022. The knights maintained the top position for a continuous 47 weeks. Furthermore, they topped the table for 49 out of the 51 weeks. Xing’s leadership skills and astuteness once again came through as he became the first individual to win the Person of the Year award twice. Racecar4 also received acclaim for his induction into the 2022 Legends.

Templars max 62 in an event

Their perfect run came to an end with a multilogging exposé in January 2023. Special Weapons and Tactics further rubbed salt in the Templars’ wounds by forcing them to sign a treaty. The knights’ multilogging during the war enabled the force treaty. After Xing and Racecar’s retirements, Dawnables emerged as the main leader of the Templars. The current leadership team includes Moon, Maddie, Nicky, and Dawn. On April 1, Xing made an announcement regarding the fifth anniversary of the Templars. To celebrate their anniversary week, the Templars plan to engage in multiple practice battles. On April 4th, the Templars fought a practice battle against the Water Vikings, maxing 47.

Templars vs Water Vikings Practice Battle

Xing and Dawn talked to Club Penguin Armies and shared their thoughts on the army completing 5 years of activity.

Has the Templars army remained true to the goals envisioned by its creators five years ago?

Xing: Templars always has been staying true to its goal, templars has faced and seen all sorts of corruption throughout it’s 5 years of history in CPA. The goal has always been to uplift others within our armies and seek the best for the community through dominance and conventional means.

Dawn: I think that we’ve done good at completing the goals that were left to the leaders by our creators/advisors. We’ll always prioritize the goals that creators leave since they’re for the benefit of Templars as a whole. In general Templars wouldn’t run the way it does if we didn’t keep in mind the goals that Xing had in mind for us.

What do you think lies in the future of the army?

Xing: I think great things lie in the future for this army, especially without me leading as well. I believe we’ll retake that #1 spot another couple of times throughout this year, still proving that us Templars are always in it for the long haul and always have a #1 mentality.

Dawn: I think the future of Templars is very bright. We have been doing better since March Madness especially since all the leaders are on spring break and able to grind recruiting and registering. I think that we will be able to claim the LC trophy again and take back the #1 position sooner rather than later.

What does the Templars army mean to you?

Xing: The Templars mean a lot to me, I’ve been in it since I’ve been 13 with the belief Templars has been a higher calling for me. Evidently, it’s proven the same thing for others, a higher calling. All who do end up joining us will find that they’ve been called to a cause greater than themselves full well knowing that they and their army are the only ones who believe in the cause of fighting for a less corrupt and more authentic community.

Dawn: Templars means everything to me as a leader especially after Xing left there were demotivating moments. Templars is a representation of my determination to keep this army growing and on the right track. This army surprises me every single day. I never thought that I could genuinely lead Templars successfully without anyone’s help and somehow some way my leaders and I did the impossible. Templars also holds meaning to me because it’s proof that absolutely no one can predict the future. Everyone doubted us after Xing left, but we have proven to be a force to reckon with in this new generation.

Was the scheduling of battles for the entire anniversary week a deliberate plan or a coincidence?

Xing: It was planned by the leaders, full credit goes to Dawn and Nicky especially for setting up a sort of activity for the army. They know their troops very well.

Dawn: Credit for this week goes to Nicky, he’s more aware of Templars history than me xD. The events are to bring back vets and give back the vibes of old TCP (without being old TCP ofc) and having everyone enjoy themselves. This week brings together all generations of the Templars for all our events. Tuesday (tomorrow) is our big anniversary battle with Water Vikings where Templars turns five years old.

What are your most precious memories of the Templars?

Xing: 1. World War 7 Victory

2. Legends Cup Victory

3. Consistently reaching #1

Dawn: Well I wasn’t really here throughout the whole time Templars has existed whether its due to retirement or me in different armies, but it was an amazing feeling to win LC. It was my first time being in an army that wins a big tournament which is always a good feeling.

What are your plans to make the Templars achieve the future goals you mentioned earlier?

Xing: I’m here whenever the leaders need me, I’m assisting whenever they would like me to assist. I’d like to add that I am grateful for my time in the community and meeting everyone, although some have entirely flipped on me in my absence and had threw away everything that we’ve done together, I leave full well knowing I’ve fulfilled my goals dreams and ambitions with the best of friends within our army.

Dawn: Other than the obvious goals to do with recruiting and registering, I want to grow the community that TCP has and improve the army tactically. My main goals are to take back the #1 position on TT, win a tournament, and eventually later down the line win a war. I want to make sure I leave my mark on Templars, especially as the first leader to take control of Templars and return TCP to normal sizes after Xing’s many attempts to retire, and do it successfully without Xing’s help.

The Templars look all set to continue being a knightmare for all their enemies. Will their crusade to the top be successful? They did it before, and they look hungry to repeat their feats. Club Penguin Armies congratulates the Templars on their fifth anniversary and sends our best wishes for their future.

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