Warfare Weekly: March 26th – April 1st

March Madness finals, three chaotic wars, and a hilarious April Fools’ day plagued the Army Community over the last week! Join us for the second episode of Warfare Weekly to revisit all the biggest headlines that transpired from March 26 to April 1 via a two-minute video.


Designed by Beasto + Lego

Club Penguin Armies is excited to unveil the second edition of the CPA Warfare Weekly! This brief video will go into all the events of this week featuring: the ending of the War of Conquest, a shocking new war, March Madness VIII final results, Top Ten reshuffling, among other topics. Of course, none of this would be possible without BEASTO for his amazing editing skills!

Thanks for tuning in! We would love to continue receiving YOUR feedback regarding this new style of posts, and some new experimental edits! Did you enjoy this post? What was your favorite part of the week? Did anything this week really shock you? Make sure to let us know in the comments below and in the Club Penguin Armies’ Discord server!


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