Clovers of the Night: Army of Club Penguin Declares War

In a shocking turn of events, the Army of Club Penguin declared war on the Dark Vikings. What led up to this declaration between the former allies?


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The Army of Club Penguin and Dark Vikings were former allies that fought against SWAT as members of the Circus Alliance in December of 2022. The two armies would go on to win the Double Deck the Halls together against the Help Force and Mercenaries. However, the Clovers would eventually sever ties with the Dark Vikings in January, following Ether’s induction as Leader.

ACP and DV fighting together in “Double Deck the Halls”

More recently, the Top Ten Armies saw the Dark Vikings take the number one spot in the week of March 5 – 11, followed by the Army of Club Penguin the following week. As a result, the Dark Vikings were recently reclassified to major status as of this week. On March 30, Calgocubs21 attempted to transfer 5 servers to the Dark Vikings. He then subsequently pinged the Dark Vikings Leaders BScharbach2 and Litt7 with an official declaration of war. This declaration went on to say that if the servers were not accepted the war would be fought “OG style” with both sides “following their own rules.”

ACP mentions numerous reasons for declaring war on their Viking adversaries, namely the conduct of Ether/SupremeP0wer, troop-stealing accusations, insensitive remarks, and disrespect against the Clovers by the Dark Vikings.

Club Penguin Armies have reached out to Calgocubs21 and Litt7 for statements regarding the conflict. Dark Vikings have told us they are discussing this and will update us in due course

Calgocubs21: “Alea iacta est.”

Litt7: “ACP can dark my Viking”

This is the shortest statement ever gathered from Calgocubs21, a truly historic moment in the community. In an unforeseen update, the Dark Vikings have also completely deleted their general chat and remade it. What appears to be a spell of confusion followed within their main chat.

Consequently, the first battle of the war is set to occur on March 31, 9:00 AM EST on the AUSIA front. Furthermore, this will be the third major conflict of the year. With both armies performing very well recently, it should be a great showing on the battlefield. Club Penguin Armies wish both sides the best in this conflict. Who do YOU think will win?

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