SWAT’s Longest Serving Leader Departs After 3 Years; Joins ACP

In the past decade of the Special Weapons and Tactics journey, the army has gone through innumerable changes, but one thing, or rather one person who has remained constant in the army is Coolguy. Having led the army full-fledged since 2020, Coolguy has certainly created a legacy that will fondly be remembered by the army community.

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On March 28, the Special Weapons and Tactics witnessed the retirement of their longest-serving leader, Coolguy. Ever since 2012, he has been a consistent force within the army who has not only helped the army through its ups and downs but has ensured stability and cohesion within the army, playing an integral part in making the army what it is today. After a tenure of three years in the army’s leadership, he has made the call to step down from his position and join the Clovers – the Army of Club Penguin.

Coolguy announcing his retirement from SWAT

In his retirement post, titled, Coolguy’s Retirement – The Reign Comes To An End, he reminisces about his journey with the Agents – a home that comprised of both the good and the bad, the easy as well as the difficult times for him, and expresses his gratitude towards everyone who has helped him along the way to get where he is today. Coolguy’s co-Leader at Special Weapons and Tactics, Legoman, also wrote a post for him earlier bidding him farewell from the army, and wishing him the best for the future.

A message dedicated to Coolguy

Coolguy came across the Club Penguin Army Community in 2011, eventually enlisting in the United Countries of CP in the year 2012. With the help of Crazy186 who taught him the ropes and about how armies functioned, he eventually became a leader of the army in the same year. The army enabled him to create close bonds with its allies, the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Doritos, and he was introduced to the wider army community through this association. When the United Countries shut down in 2013, he moved on to join one of the army’s allies, the Doritos, and was able to work his way up to Third in Command there. All throughout his army career, he has had several stints with both the Doritos and the Agents, which includes his return to the Doritos in 2019, and rejoining SWAT in 2020.

Doritos vs. Nachos in 2013

In the year 2014, Coolguy left Doritos to join Chaos, where he served as a Third in Command as well and led the UK Division of the army. Following this, the next year, he joined the Army Republic, where he rose to Fourth in Command. He stayed with the army till the end of the year, after which he joined the Night Rebels at the beginning of 2016, where he was promoted to Second in Command before the army shut down in March. Some of his other notable positions in armies include – Bacon Defenders leader, (an army that was created just for fun in 2014), Third in Command at Redemption Force, Third in Command at Templars in 2018, Coup Crusaders Leader in 2020, and Fourth in Command at Ice Warriors.

Coolguy’s time in Coup Crusaders

Coolguy rejoined the Agents in May 2020, as a Second in Command, and was soon inducted as a Leader there given his loyalty, hard work, and dedication toward the army. With him as a leader, SWAT has reached maxes of 29+, 39+ at an invasion battle against the Superstars, 42+ at a recent battle with the Army of Club Penguin, and even 67+ during Summer 2022. During his time with SWAT, he has not only helped the army attain the second position in the Top Ten several times but has been with the army throughout it all, leading them through multiple wars, and tournaments.

SWAT during August 2022 maxing 67

Last year, in December, Coolguy was inducted as a Legend in Special Weapons and Tactics. This is what G90, the creator of SWAT has to say about him –

First, we have a leader that has been loyal to us for a very long time and has led the army for quite some time now. They have been there for the army during many of its lowest points during the discord generation, with the army being closest to death, that is when you would find this person closest to SWAT as well. They refuse to give up on SWAT even when the odds are stacked. They are somebody that we knew that we could always count on. They are also the longest consistently-reigning leader that the army has ever had, leading for around 2 years straight without retiring and without SWAT dying, helping the army also reach the Top 8, Top 5, and the Number 2 position in CPA helping lead SWAT to sizes of 40+ and being somebody who SWAT could always depend on. They are somebody who has shown time and time again, no matter the state of SWAT, they would be there fighting for us and looking to the future. They are somebody whose loyalty is never in question. They helped lead us through many wars, wins, and losses, and are a leader that does not ever want to give up on SWAT and always looks for a possibility of victory. This is why they have been deemed to be a true SWAT legend and this person is โ€ฆ. Coolguy.

After having led SWAT from 2020-2023, Coolguy has decided to take his leave from the army. He has further joined the Army of Club Penguin as a Second in Command, after having introduced himself to the Clovers in a post written by him.

A battle between SWAT and ACP, led by Coolguy where SWAT maxed 42+

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to talk to Coolguy and know more about his retirement from Special Weapons and Tactics.

You have led SWAT for 3 years now. What is/are the reason(s) behind your retirement from the army?

Leading SWAT for this long has been like living on a rollercoaster, you have good and bad times but I always have made sure the army is still standing and doing well. I guess there are multiple reasons for my retirement and I’ve expressed them many times in many ways whether it be in my retirement post, to our leaders, to troops, etc. I have had a good long time in SWAT and there’s a lot that I have done but also a lot I haven’t done. However, I felt like it was time for me, personally, to move on. Sometimes, to me forwards, we have to take a step into the dark and take that leap of faith, I guess you could say. In taking that leap of faith I am opening myself up to whatever may be awaiting me on the other side and I have a feeling that there are going to be positives from here on out. Call it a hunch. Also, I hope that SWAT can depend on each other, depend on the brilliant team that it has to continue without my presence as a leader, and instead, build up this future generation.

How do you feel about your retirement?

I leave SWAT with a heavy heart, as I said in my post. It’s always going to be a tough decision when you’ve been connected to an army for so long and to wake up the next day and no longer be leading. However, I have to think about what is best for me. All of my personal feelings are in my post and that’s where you’ll see my true feelings, laid out for everyone to see. I guess it’s both a high and low moment, high because you can retire knowing what you’ve done, seeing people’s support and appreciation, and also having somewhat of a weight lifted but a lot because you’re leaving it all behind. Despite that, my troops know I’ll always be there for them, personally, whenever they need me.

In these 3 years, what have been some of the moments/highlights that have stood out to you personally?

Oh god, that’s a toughy. 1 moment I’ve always been proud of is our battle against ACP in 2020(?) when we maxed 40+ or and it was amazing for me personally because, most of the time, I’ve been the only UK leader SWAT has had. I think the only other UK leaders SWAT had were Oli and Sweater but they definitely weren’t leading then and lead for smaller periods in comparison to other leaders. So that was definitely a big moment. I also look back fondly on the opening of the generation when Ganger straight-up wanted me to lead the army or (if I didn’t want to lead) advise. For me, that meant a lot. I mean, getting recognition from people like Ganger, who I’ve known since 2012, is massive. Also, some of the notable moments are ACP-SWAT breaking their years of being enemies, the WB alliance, and Key formation. And I forgot to say this but seeing the people within SWAT grow, seeing each member grow as army members and as people, whether it be Oli, Krill, and even some of the new people like Zooy, New, etc. It’s been a pleasure.

Do you think you were able to execute all that you had planned for the army during your tenure?

During the start of my journey and working our way up to last year the thing I wanted was, actually, to be able to train the people within the army to become great troops, see them grow up and really progress but also with this I got to see them grow as people too, which is an amazing sight. I, originally, didn’t have many “planS” per se, however, I always wanted to do what was best for SWAT and I believe that I have always tried to do what I thought was best for the army and I believe in the personal successes we’ve had, whether it be with troops in the army who have risen up and been able to lead alongside me, being able to fight the best and compete – armies like TCP, RPF, etc. Being able to win wars and battles, win the tournament in October 2022, and see SWAT flourish, even if it was for short periods of time. I didn’t complete everything, I didn’t bring home one of the big trophies, nevertheless, I am proud of our fight in the LC where we beat RPF even though we were disqualified for something that happened before the LC. I am proud of the troops within the army and for the last thing, well I hope to have cemented a legacy in SWAT.

What has been the best part(s) of being a leader?

I think the best part about being a leader has been leading the army during battle etc and seeing it thrive, seeing the troops’ motivation shine through, and creating something that you can be proud of. There have been many times in SWAT where we’ve had to rebuild many of the foundations and this wasn’t just doing it and you’re done but it really was something that had to be done a lot for a variety of reasons. However, the best part about that was that you got to implement new ideas into the server and I loved working alongside my HCOM team because I saw them grow and I had seen how far they had come. Seeing these ideas pay off through maxes, wins or your troops is amazing.

Would you like to give any final advice to SWAT?

I would say that no matter what may happen you must always stay strong-willed, and strong-minded, keep faith in your army, don’t quit, follow your heart because ultimately, that is where you want to be, ignore any doubts you may have, cast them out of your mind. I hope that the hcom team is going to be working even harder and try to lead more from now. We saw some lead during the war but I know you all have a lot more to give. As for the staff, try to be as helpful as you can for the army, hcom, leaders, etc, never quit, and make sure you’re always noticed and never settle for second best. Uwu love you Ganger ๐Ÿ˜˜ see you tonight. Tell Jess not to wait up!

It is no doubt that Coolguy has imprinted a mark within the army community which is certainly not easy to surpass or recreate. We commend his loyalty, diligence, and commitment, and respect the values that he upholds. It will certainly be interesting to see what he has to bring to the table at the Army of Club Penguin. From the whole of Club Penguin Armies, we wish Coolguy, the Army of Club Penguin, and the Special Weapons and Tactics, the very best in all of their future endeavors.

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