‘War of Conquest’ Remains Equal for Both Sides

In a week rampant with Club Penguin Army Battleground server issues, neither Special Weapons And Tactics nor Penguins of Madagascar can cement the lead. As the War of Conquest rages on, both armies remain committed to winning their battles.

After last week’s exciting battles, neither side has shown sides of slowing down. Unfortunately, fate would have other plans for these armies as Club Penguin Army Battleground has suffered server issues over the past few nights. After another few battles, neither the Penguins of Madagascar nor Special Weapons And Tactics managed to secure any lead in the war.

Battle of Moscow

Unfortunately, this battle was affected by server outages. Both armies began logging their soldiers on but were subsequently disconnected. Due to this, both armies agreed to cancel the invasion. However, Penguins of Madagascar leader Rye released a statement accusing the Agents of “being too scared to fight,” among other accusations. Her post comes after servers came back online and Special Weapons And Tactics disagreed with continuing the battle, citing that Penguins of Madagascar had already agreed to cancel. After this, Special Weapons And Tactics decided to raid the Penguins’ training event.

Conflict on Cream Soda

After last week’s unsuccessful attempt to claim Cream Soda from SWAT, Penguins of Madagascar scheduled a second invasion on the land. Both armies fought valiantly, with the judges even considering an overtime room. Across all three rooms, the Penguins entered first each time. On top of this, the judges ruled that in the first two rooms Penguins of Madagascar, despite being smaller in size, were able to out-maneuver the Agents and had fewer inactive troops in the battle rooms. In the third and final room, Special Weapons And Tactics were able to emerge victorious by being more active and utilizing their size advantage. Despite this, it was not enough and the Penguins of Madagascar successfully invaded Cream Soda.

Battle of Jackhammer

After their previous victory, the Penguins of Madagascar looked to continue their tempo with a defense of Jackhammer. The battle began like any other with both armies immediately seizing the Mineshaft. Despite their best efforts, the Penguins of Madagascar were unable to secure 10 penguins online, leading to SWAT automatically winning the battle.

Our team reached out to Special Weapons And Tactics for their thoughts on the conflict, as well as how they plan to win.

Coolguy: SWAT is fully prepared for the war and it will keep doing what it has been doing, rising, improving, training the future generations to lead such occasions, recruiting, getting those accounts made etc. I have full confidence that we will be able to beat POM, we’re SWAT after all. We’ve fought against RPF, ACP, TCP and many more but many great armies and you don’t go through these wars without learning a thing or two along the way. However, SWAT and the troops within our nation are prepared and hyped up for this as it is personal for both SWAT and them. We know what POM claim to be or how they try to defame our army, however, as a wise woman once said “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”. SWAT will prevail over anyone who tries to target its nation and its troops. SWAT FOREVER!

We also asked Logical for a statement but decided to also quiz him on his thoughts on the experience differential between Special Weapons And Tactics and Penguins of Madagascar and how he plans to overcome it.

Logical: It’s all about how you lead your army, this morning we only had new troops on that had been recruited the previous day as well as being outsized we still were able to get the W with our strong forms and quick tactics, to ensure that troops know what they are doing beforehand i like to train them individually and show them the basics of forms and tactics. As well as catch them up on the status of the war and what cpa really is, sure its alot of work but you get troops that are not lost out of it. At the end of the day this is war experience or not we must preform and im going to try my best to make sure my troops can. PERIOD.

With the conflict raging on and both sides as passionate as ever, it’s clear the war is far from over. Logical seems very confident that experience won’t be a factor in this war, but how realistic is that? It’s clear Penguins of Madagascar are disadvantaged in that regard, but so far are pulling through just fine. Will Special Weapons And Tactics manage to keep their size advantage? No matter the answer, Club Penguin Armies will continue to bring you the very latest on all things War of Conquest.

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