March Madness VIII: Grand Finals Predictions

Over the past three weeks, eleven armies battled it out to make it to this very spot: the Grand Finals. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner! Who do the Club Penguin Armies staff think will take home the gold?

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Last weekend, we concluded the semi-finals of the annual March Madness tournament. The final four battled it out ferociously, but ultimately the Help Force and Rebel Penguin Federation emerged victorious from their respective battles against the Templars and Dark Vikings. With that, the Grand Final rapidly approaches. But who does the Club Penguin Armies staff have their bets on?

Help Force vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Grand Final pairs two powerhouses in the tournament world against one another in what will undoubtedly be an epic sight. Neither army is a stranger to this position, but historically the Rebels have edged out their opponents. Last weekend, Help Force narrowly defeated the Templars by a 2-1-1 scoreline. Judges of the battle stated the Helper’s slight size advantage and incredible speed aided them in their victory. The following day, the Rebels took on Dark Vikings in what ended up being a 2-1-0 win. Despite their excellent performance, it mattered not as Dark Vikings would be disqualified from the tournament due to inappropriate tactics. With all said and done, who do the Club Penguin Armies staff think will take it all?

MMVIII Semis: Help Force defeats Templars

MMVIII Semis: Rebel Penguin Federation defeat Dark Vikings


Wynn, CPA Chief Executive Producer: Rebel Penguin Federation 2-0-1 Win. The semi-finals proved that both armies are capable of similar maxes. I think the battle might be close at times, but RPF’s speed and form choices are already among the best of the whole tournament. We already saw that their well-trained troops are able to win even against an army maxing from 10 to 15 troops more so HF, to have a chance, would probably need to max significantly higher than their opponents to win more than one room.

Max, CPA Chief Executive Producer & Army Legend: Rebel Penguin Federation 2-1-1 Win. Both the Help Force and Rebel Penguins had a brilliant semi-final weekend, so the upcoming grand finals is a hard match-off to predict. I am predicting the battle heads into an overtime room, with the Rebels taking a narrow victory due to a larger size. But whatever happens, I wish both sides the very best of luck and an exciting grand finals this weekend.

Mchappy, CPA Editor-in-Chief & Army Legend: Help Force 2-1-1 Win. This battle is definitely going to be a hard one to predict. While I think the Rebels have been in top shape form, I am thinking that the Help Force members will show out in a larger size. This will make the battle a covering match, essentially. In the end, I wouldn’t be surprised if the battle goes to Over Time. In that case, I predict the Helpers winning maybe in a 2-1-1 fashion.

LEGOMAN, CPA Associate Editor: Rebel Penguin Federation 2-1-1 Win. Both the Rebel Penguin Federation and Help Force have shown immense skill and speed in their respective battles. I believe that this penultimate clash between these hegemons will ultimately be the closest battle we have seen yet. The Rebel Penguin Federation has pristine formations and almost no AFKs, and holds one of the largest trophy collections in all of CPA. Help Force is very strong and precise on the battlefield, evident by their victory over the strongest army in recent history – POM. It is certain that both armies will be on their A-game to be crowned the victor in this tournament. Ultimately, I think the Rebels will prevail in an overtime room after a long and tense battle.

Coolguy, CPA Associate Editor: Rebel Penguin Federation 2-1-0 Win. Help Force is an incredible army who have gone from being an ausia powerhouse to tournament underdogs (in a good way). They’re always up for a fight and ready to give their best. However, the Rebels are no stranger to tough battles so will fight even harder to win this battle and to max more than previous rounds. I think HF will manage to tie a room but, ultimately, the Rebels will be too strong to overcome.

ActionSpark, CPA Associate Editor: Rebel Penguin Federation 2-1-1 Win. Both armies have performed extremely well this tournament, maxing above 40 each. However, RPF has had a great deal of success in tournaments in the past year and have gone above expectations this time around as well. The battle will be really close, going to overtime but ultimately the rebel penguin federation will take it home.

FerdTheBird, CPA Associate Editor: Rebel Penguin Federation 2-1-1 Win. So far both of these armies have had nothing to complain about, and to be honest I expected them in the finals. This is a very tough battle to choose from but in my opinion RPF is gonna take the win here. RPF has kept reminding us why they are the best example of a tournament army, and their sizes have been very good as well. I know an HF tournament victory is long overdue but RPF is gonna take this one on experience and skill. For HF to take the victory they’ll need to pull up with a good size advantage at least.

Superhero123, CPA Advisor, Army Legend & CPAB Creator: Rebel Penguin Federation 2-0-1 Win. I believe it is going to be a close final. Both armies have performed well so far, maxing similar sizes. While having a chance on winning a major tournament in CPAB (and therefore earn their in-game emote) will definitely be a big motivator for Help Force, my prediction is still that victory will be achieved by the most consistent tournament force, which is RPF.

With all the drama March Madness VIII has caused, there is no doubt that this weekend will be one of the biggest days in the community this year! With that, Club Penguin Armies extends the best of luck to Help Force and Rebel Penguin Federation in the Grand Finals!

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