News You Missed: Important Decisions and New Leaders

With the hecticness of March Madness, there has been some lesser news that has taken a back seat. This is your news round up.

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Napalm Corps Already Wave Goodbye

On February 21, the Napalm Corps opened their doors for its first ever generation. The community was excited for to witness a new small-medium army enter the stage. And the army, created by former Templars‘ leader Cabin, was showing promise. It debuted at eleventh on its first Top Ten. His goal was “non-stop growth.”

Grand opening event

Unfortunately that would not last long as Cabin had to shut the army down due to person health issues. While it was sad to see them go so soon, you can expect a return in the next couple months as Cabin has been teasing the army’s reopening. With an army name like that, you can’t just leave it dead for too long.

Dark Vikings Buff Their Leadership

Dark Vikings, currently the most dominant small-medium army in the community, will be facing against the Rebel Penguin Federation minutes after this post. The army was created back in 2020 with the recent generation having opened its doors in 2021 under Alucard and Krosive. Recently, they acquired a new leader in BScharbach2.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to BScharbach2 for an excusive interview.

How did you find yourself enlisting in the Vikings?

I was a DV leader in the beginning of this generation in 2022. I helped set up their website, Discord and even named their ranks. I spent some time mentoring Krosive, Litt7 and Thunder on how to lead & function as army leaders before stepping down as advisor. The reason I returned in 2023 was to assist with March Madness and other DV plans. I’m really interested in armies and her leaders. For example, I met Litt7 the day I joined CPA in 2017. From then on, we’ve always looked out for one another. Similarly, Krosive, Thunder and I have a mentor-mentee relationship. I’ve seen them grow and am really proud of their achievements.

What goals do you have as a leader?

I want to ensure DV has an excellent performance in March Madness. I also want to continue the streak we’ve seen on the week of my return, as well as grow the army to be the powerhouse of the community.

What are some obstacles you think you’ll have to overcome?

The primary obstacles I see are the CPPS drought and recruiting issues & the recent war declaration from the rogue group “prosect”, which I don’t take very seriously.

Despite their being some recent controversies coming from the army, potential multi-logging and questionable leaders, it seems the army has a strong team moving forward.

Magma Clan Getting Cold Feet

Lastly, the Magma Clan has returned to the army community after an extended hiatus. The army has come and gone after being founded in May 2021. Though each incarnation has been short lived, the army has still made an impact. In June 2022, the Ice Warriors declared war on hot army. Additionally, the army were runners-up in Beach Brawl II. Currently Lukey, its original founder, is leading again.

One of the first Magma Clan events

However, the army has yet to hold a single event. It is unclear whether the comeback is still scheduled to occur. Will they ever make their return?

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