Behind the Chaos of Canceled Battle in ‘War of Conquest’

As the closely fought SWAT-POM ‘War of Conquest’ rages on, more drama arises following CPA Battleground server issues, resulting in a canceled battle and raid.

On March 25, the Penguins of Madagascar were set to invade SWAT territory as part of their ongoing conflict. The battle was scheduled for 6:00 pm EST. However, in a weird coincidence, CPA Battleground went offline at almost the same time as the battle ping was sent out.

As a result, troops could not enter the game on either side of the ping, and the battle was assumed to be postponed. Interestingly, the game was back online by the time the battle was initially slated to begin, and both armies instead opted to host training events.

The status of the battle though, was still internally being discussed, with leaders and judges both not being sure of the next step. Ultimately, the battle was canceled owing to the confusion caused and SWAT retained their land.

In the wake of this incident, CPA Battleground creator and admin Superhero123 posted a statement on the game’s Discord server:

superhero cpab announcement

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The story does not end here, as SWAT then decided to raid the Penguins of Madagascar in the Stadium. The orange army switched rooms, which resulted in a brief chase and hunt between the two armies through the second half of their respective training events.

In a response post to the battle cancelation and SWAT’s raid, the Penguins of Madagascar leaders give us an insight into the confusing events on Saturday. The post delves into behind-the-scenes group chat of the battle, revealing a postponement was originally discussed. However, SWAT did not agree which then led to the battle being canceled.

battle cancelation

A judge confirming the cancelation

As such, we witness the war’s first voided battle as a result of technical difficulties. The War of Conquest though does not show any signs of slowing down, with the scoreline at [1-1-2] W-L-T. Currently, an invasion of the same server has been scheduled for Monday, 9:00 pm EST, among other battles.

It will be interesting to see how the war continues to develop as we head into week 2. Will we get to see a clear frontrunner in the war? Would any other armies join this conflict? We can only wait and look out for more twists and turns along the way.

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