Water Vikings Announce PB-Ban on Army of CP Following Leader Conflict

The Water Vikings leadership has announced a practice battle ban on the Army of Club Penguin following a tense leadership conflict. What exactly happened? The Club Penguin Armies media team takes you behind the scenes.

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Earlier today, March 25th, the Army of Club Penguin and Water Vikings had a practice battle scheduled for 3:00 pm EST. The conflict was hyped as the ‘Battle for Number One,’ following their exciting March Madness VIII tournament battle several weeks ago, in which the Clovers triumphed.

However, today’s practice battle was not to take place. Prior to the event, leaders Dino and CalgoCubs21 came to blows over whether or not official judges would be used at the battle. While ACP’s Calgo did not want them present, Dino and the Vikings leadership were keen for them to be used to determine an ‘official’ winner. Dino proceeded to cancel the battle, which then caused a stir within the Discord servers of both armies.

At approximately 4:15 pm EST, Dino released a website post titled ‘Statement Regarding the ACP Battle’:

We were heavily looking forward to this battle, but unfortunately, it did not go as planned. We had asked ACP if they wanted judges, and Calgo initially agreed before retracting his agreement and our two armies devolving into arguments.

For the record, we do not regret our frustrations with ACP for changing their minds all-of-a-sudden. Nothing has changed on that front. We are right to be frustrated (as was ACP). That said, I apologize to my army for the premature decision to not battle ACP. Instead of at least compromising and getting the necessary top-ten points/having a fun “rematch” that we wanted, I called ACP’s bluff and eventually became apparent I was not gonna be able to put together a replacement battle.

Dino went on to declare, “The hatred towards ACP is not necessary”, and that both sides have been trying hard to heal their relations following drama and conflict dating November 2022. He concluded his post by enacting a policy for the Vikings, which stated that they would not be battling the ACP until May 2023 to ensure the “toxicity subsides” before they head out onto the battlefield to face each other again.

Dino also made it clear that the ACP was not classified as an enemy before teasing the army has “something big planned soon”. What could he be alluding to?  

ACP vs. WV: March Madness 2023

ACP vs. WV: March Madness VIII

To gain further clarity, Club Penguin Armies reached out to CalgoCubs21 for a statement regarding the situation:

Calgo: We are saddened by the events that unraveled this morning prior to our planned battle that we proposed and we’re working with WV to resolve the issues so miscommunications don’t happen again. Our Higher Command team and I want to extend our apologies to the troops of both armies for the cancelation of our highly anticipated battle. It is our goal to continue to amicably and maturely attempt to solve any issues that like these arise.

Following this leadership altercation, there is no doubt that tensions between the two armies have spiked. Nonetheless, as Dino made it clear in his post, the ACP is not considered enemies by the Vikings and has other plans in the pipeline. What will the future hold for both armies? 

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