32op Ranks The Best Doritos Moments of All Time

We set former Doritos’ leader and major army legend 32op the difficult challenge of ranking the ‘Best Doritos Moments of All Time.’

32op was recruited into the Doritos in early 2012 by creator WweBestFan and went on to helm several of the army’s golden eras as a Doritos Main Leader, later earning the legend title.

Never one to shy away from sharing his opinion, army legend 32op has collaborated with the media team at Club Penguin Armies to bring you his ranking of the ‘Best Doritos Moments of All Time.’ He did state there were so many to pick from, but he was up for the challenge nevertheless. An important disclaimer: this ranking is 32op’s personal opinion only, and may not reflect the views of other Doritos or army community members.

5. Christmas Chaos 2019 Victory

His first top-five entry is the Doritos Christmas Chaos tournament victory in 2019. The tournament was held on Club Penguin Online and took place just weeks after the Doritos were revived for their private server generation.

They recorded a total of 130 members online and managed to beat the Dark Warriors in the tournament Finals.

32op: Christmas Chaos Victory in 2019


4. December 2016 Revival

32op places the December 2016 revival and success of that month as his fourth ‘best Dorito moment’. He contextualizes this with the Doritos disappointing shutdown in November 2016, before reviving in December 2016 with a fresh set of leaders.

That December, the Doritos went on to dominate and win their first-ever tournament: the Christmas Chaos VI. They also managed to place number one in every Top Ten Armies of the month.

32op: December 2016


3. March Madness 2020

Club Penguin Online’s infamous March Madness tournament in 2020 was a hotly contested event, that ended following the semi-final round and never reached its conclusion.

In the semi-final round, the Doritos took on and beat the Ice Warriors in a tough match. 32op describes this as “one of the biggest battles in Club Penguin army history.” Reminiscing over their triumph, he also states the Doritos peaked at over 160 troops: “It was a hard-fought win against the Ice Warriors.”

32op: March Madness 2020


2. The First Time the Doritos Claimed #1

For his second best moment, 32op takes us back to September 2012, and the very first time that the Doritos claimed the number one position on the official weekly Top Ten Armies. Reaching this honour is a huge achievement, so it is no surprise that 32op holds this in such high esteem.

32op describes the context of this recognition, as it followed a war with the powerful Nacho army and their surrendering to the Doritos.

32op: Top Ten Armies #1


1. The Dorito Domination of 2015

And finally, 32op’s ‘best Dorito moment’: the orange domination of 2015.

He states the army suffered a heavy fall in December 2014 but returned stronger in January 2015. Describing the year as “unreal” for the army, he says they dominated the army community at a time when there were other strong contenders and competitors.

One of the major conflicts they were involved in that year was against the ‘Suicide Alliance‘, which consisted of five armies, all of which surrendered the war to the Doritos.

The cherry on the cake occurred at the end of 2015 when Club Penguin Army Central ranked the Doritos the ‘Top Army of the Year.’

32op: Dorito Domination of 2015

And there you have it: 32op’s ranking for the ‘Best Doritos Moments of All Time.’ With so many moments to consider, this certainly was not an easy task for him. Do you share his opinion, or can you think of anything he missed out on?

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