March Madness VIII: Semi-Finals Round Predictions

From eleven of the fiercest armies, down to eight, and now just four, March Madness VIII continues its unpredictability with a small/medium army brought in the semis. In light of this exciting tournament, we asked various past and present army members their thoughts on the upcoming battles!


The Quarter-Finals round witnessed the incredible Army of Club Penguin battle the powerful Rebel Penguin Federation in the closest matchup of the tournament thus far, with the Rebels narrowly winning out by one overtime room! After an appeal from the Army of Club Penguin, the Rebel Penguin Federation’s victory was set in stone by the Head Judges. Alongside this battle, long-time enemies Templars and Special Weapons And Tactics fought, with the Templars outnumbering the Agents drastically and winning all three rooms. In another not-so-close matchup, the Help Force defeated the newly-created Penguins of Madagascar, winning their battle with all three rooms under their belt. Alongside these battles, the Ice Warriors unexpectedly ceased operations, allowing the Dark Vikings to progress onto the Semi-Finals.

With that, Club Penguin Armies asked the community for their predictions on the remainder of the battles:

Templars vs. Help Force

Day one of the Semi-Finals sees two armies that are no strangers to conflict. Templars, despite dropping a few spots on the weekly Top Ten, appears to be in better shape now that it’s tournament season. After reaching a height of 48 troops, the Templars made quick work of the Special Weapons And Tactics. On the other hand, Help Force has proven to be much more consistent over the past weeks but only reached a size of 29 against the Penguins of Madagascar. It’s worth noting that the Help Force has a history of waking up for crucial battles, but then again, so do the Templars. What does the community think?

September 24, 2022: Practice Battle: Templars vs Help Force

Max, CPA Chief Executive Producer, CP Army Legend: Templars Win 2-1-0. After a great performance in the quarter-finals, I believe this will be the closest match-off of the weekend. Both armies are strong, and while I think the Help Force can match the Templars in their tactics and formations, a larger Templar force will result in a 2-1-0 victory for the Golden Knights. Best of luck to both competitors.

Mchappy, CPA Editor-in-Chief, CP Army Legend: Help Force Win 2-1. In the Quarterfinals, the Templars surprised us by outperforming their recent events by quite a bit. Despite this tournament rise, I still believe that the Help Force will come out on top. Over the years, the Helpers have contributed to shaping the definition of what a “tournament army” is, and can do. Their tactics will be able to pull out a win, probably 2-1 win over the Templars.

Disha, CPA Editor-in-Chief: Help Force Win 1-2-0. I think the battle between the Help Force and the Templars will be an intense and close one. Both armies are known to max high and dominate the battlefield. Help Force has been consistent with their training events and hyping for the tournament. In the case of Templars, while they have maxed high in the last round, I think it all comes down to how both the armies perform. And yes, size is one of the main factors, but on many occasions, an army with lesser size has fared better due to being more active during the battle. so in my opinion, HF might just have a greater edge over the Templars due to more practice and efforts that they have put in into their daily events. However, I hope to be proven wrong, and I wish both the armies, the very best of luck.

LEGOMAN, CPA Associate Editor: Templars Win 2-1-1. Help Force against Templars will be the closest battle we’ve seen thus far. HF made their way into the finals in 2022, but the Templars have Xing on their side. In the previous round, HF maxed 29 while the Templars maxed 48. The Helpers have been more consistent than the Templars recently, getting high numbers throughout the week, but Xing and the Templars have mastered hype. As long as the Templars don’t multilog, I predict they will progress to the finals after a close battle.

Superhero123, CPA Advisor, CP Army Legend: Templars Win 2-1-0. Templars showed great potential in the quarter finals, after easily defeating SWAT. While HF is a formidable tournament force, I feel they won’t be able to keep up with Templars sizes.

Aaronstone42, CPA Advisor, CP Army Legend: Help Force Win 1-3-0. I think that this has the chance to be the closest battle in the Semi Finals. Both armies have plenty of veterans and plenty of experience as both have been to finals in the past year. I think Help Force is overdue for a major victory so I think they’ll edge out a win here.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Dark Vikings

Day two brings the Dark Vikings’ first-ever major tournament semi-final. Unfortunately for them, it’s against the tournament gatekeeper Rebel Penguin Federation. Dark Vikings have been doing better and better every week, reaching first on last week’s recent rendition of the Top Ten Armies. However, history has shown that tournaments are where the Rebels perform best. On Sunday, the community will see whether Dark Vikings can defeat the odds and take home the win or if the Rebels will progress to the Grand Finals.

MMIII Quarter-Final: Army of Club Penguin vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Wynn, CPA Chief Executive Producer: Rebel Penguin Federation Win 3-0. The previous round proved once again, that RPF is still one of the best trained armies around. Even if their max is lower than their opponents, their speed, form choices and troops’ performance can be unstoppable and I expect them to win all three rooms against Dark Vikings.

Max, CPA Chief Executive Producer, CP Army Legend: Rebel Penguin Federation Win 3-0. Similar to the ACP, the Rebels have a supportive veteran base that always turn up to the exciting tournament battles. This, alongside their impressive performance in last weekend’s battle, is why I think they will have a clean sweep against the Dark Vikings. I wish both the best of luck and an exciting battle.

Disha, CPA Editor-in-Chief: Rebel Penguin Federation Win 3-0. The battle between RPF and DV is a clear RPF win for me. I don’t intend to underestimate DV in any way whatsoever, but RPF has that experience in battles, and they aren’t referred to as the Tournament Giants for nothing. I feel like DV is an incredibly promising army, and they have achieved a lot in the time that they have been around. However, RPF knows their way in battles and I think they will take this victory home.

LEGOMAN, CPA Associate Editor: Rebel Penguin Federation Win 3-0. DV maxes more in an average week than RPF, but the Rebels have a strong pool of veterans to aid them. I believe we will witness large maxes from both sides. RPF has an unparalleled level of skill and experience in their ranks, and DV performed phenomenally in FF. Hopefully, this will be an interesting battle to watch. RPF will ultimately beat the Vikings and make their way into the finals.

Superhero123, CPA Advisor, CP Army Legend: Rebel Penguin Federation Win 3-0. A classic favorite vs underdog story. While Dark Vikings are doing impressively well for a new army and are achieving great sizes, I don’t think they will be able to beat the most successful tournament force of the CPPS era.

Aaronstone42, CPA Advisor, CP Army Legend: Rebel Penguin Federation Win 2-0-1. Dark Vikings have been extremely impressive lately however I think that RPFs vets will take the day here as shown in last weekends battle vs ACP. I think DV will give RPF a good run for their money but experience will play more of a factor the deeper you go into a tournament and I think that’s why RPF will take the win here and head to the finals.

The only thing certain in tournaments is that everybody involved is in for a good time. The history of March Madness tells us that anything is possible – so with that, who do YOU think will win these battles? Club Penguin Armies wishes all four armies the very best of luck with their upcoming battles.

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