Time Capsule: Mabel, Maddie, Rye, and Diwix

Welcome to the very first edition of the column, Time Capsule! In this post, we will be asking various members of the community questions about their goals and predictions for the end of the year. Then, in December, we will be seeing if they meet their goals and if their predictions were correct.


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For this edition of Time Capsule, we reached out to four members of the community. Namely: Mabel, Maddie, Rye, and Diwix.

Mabel currently serves as a Water Vikings Leader and has been in the army ever since joining it in October 2020. Maddie is also a leader, currently leading the Templars, having stayed in the army throughout her career, which began in December 2021.

Rye created the Penguins of Madagascar army after retiring from her leadership position at the Special Weapons and Tactics, expanding their army career which began in May 2020. Diwix is a current Help Force Cabinet Secretary, starting his career in January 2020 in the Help force. He has also created his own army, the Bose DK Warriors.

Each of them has a great deal of experience in the community, and their predictions for the future will no doubt come from this experience.

How do you think the Club Penguin Army community will look like by the end of the year?

Mabel, Water Vikings Leader: In all honesty, I think we’ll witness one or two more major armies shut down. It sounds harsh, but there are definitely some armies out there today where just a few months ago they were up and running would a good 30-40 max, now dropping towards the low 20s. Although I would expect it to be a temporary shut down so they could rebuild.

Maddie, Templars Leader: Well I think that CPA would probably be the same as it is now. Besides for a bit changes of sizes from each army, and if any shut down. But I also think that it would be normal for the community to die a bit sometimes.

Rye, Penguins of Madagascar Leader: I think at the end of the year there will be some sort of a revolution within the community. Armies weren’t built on leagues and rules, and its only in our nature to be more independent. I think with each passing year we get smaller and smaller, but maybe that’s what needs to happen.

Diwix, Help Force HCOM: By the end of the year? I really don’t know man. From my experience, CPA is quite unpredictable, but overall I think the consistency of the community’s activity might decrease a bit.

A recent Water Vikings event led by Mabel, maxing 30

What army-related goals do you wish to achieve by the end of the year?

Mabel, Water Vikings Leader: I really have none at the moment to be fair. I’ve talked to multiple people about this though, that I want to reach over my one year of leading and get a chance at Christmas Chaos since Water Vikings wasn’t able to for the last one. But other goals, probably continue getting to the top 3 on Top Ten.

Maddie, Templars Leader: By the end of the year I would mostly want to imrpove my armies sizes but also our own community for everyone that is new to CPA. But I would also wanna improve my own leading skills and be able to imrpove the way I can help my own members.

Rye, Penguins of Madagascar Leader: I hope that POM achieves top 5 on the top tens, and wins a tournament. 2 realistic goals in my opinion. I’ll be more than proud of POM if we achieve this and more.

Diwix, Help Force HCOM: Being retired, you don’t have many goals to aspire for as an individual, but I do want to see my army, HF gain a few achievements by the years end. It does seem quite possible and I am definitely looking forward to it happening.

Help Force Achieving #1 on a recent Club Penguin Armies Top Ten Armies of the Month

What old army do you think will revive by the end of the year?

Mabel, Water Vikings Leader: Honestly I am not too sure. We would have to just wait and see! Lots of armies are making a comeback with older faces wanting to reunite with their old friends, so in all honesty we can definitely see any army come back to light.

Maddie, Templars Leader: By the end of the year I think that Pirates could possibly revive. But it’s a hard choice since most dead armies nowadays don’t have a big chance of coming back.

Rye, Penguins of Madagascar Leader: I predict Secret Service will revive for a 4th generation.

Diwix, Help Force HCOM: Again, CPA is unpredictable. You never know what to expect with armies. I honestly cannot tell for what army I’d expect to revive but maybe something like LGA? RR? I don’t know really

Pirates of CP event in 2018

What is one change you would like to see in the community by the end of the year?

Mabel, Water Vikings Leader: Honestly it’d be nice to see some older faces in the community finally retire. Not like they’re doing anything wrong, but it’ll finally be a relief to see some newer faces pop up in different armies as the older ones finally take a step back.

Maddie, Templars Leader: One thing I would like to see change by the end of the year from the community is more people from gen z running armies or helping around. Even though there are many adults in the community I feel like it would be the best if most of us are at least the same age as each other.

Rye, Penguins of Madagascar Leader: I would love to see some map changes! I really think the map should be utilized more, since it gives armies something to physically aim for. Armies can create their own nation [instead of calling land “servers”] to protect, or an army can only invade land adjacent to them, to give a more realistic feel.

Diwix, Help Force HCOM: A change I would like to see in the community. Lmao that’s a hard one. Maybe less unnecessary drama and people actually going outside. I bet the community would be way better once that happens

The current Club Penguin Armies server map

What is one skill you wish to master by the end of the year?

Mabel, Water Vikings Leader: Being able to do some more complex tactics maybe? I feel like at some points my leading can be a bit ”basic”, I would love to get out of my shell at points and learn to do something more fun for trainings.

Maddie, Templars Leader: One skill I would like to master at the end of the year is being able to interact with other leaders from different armies or new troops that would need help with being in the community, being able to recruit and register more for my army, and being able to lead better.

Rye, Penguins of Madagascar Leader: Recruiting.

Diwix, Help Force HCOM: No goal really, so CSGO aim.

A recent practice battle between the Templars and the Water Vikings

Each of these individuals had valuable insight to offer into the community and certainly had some intriguing predictions and goals. We will revisit these individuals towards the end of the year, to see whether the predictions they made came true or not and if they met any of their current goals. Recent events have made clear that this community is very unpredictable, and a lot can happen in a year. Will the Pirates revive? Will Diwix’s CSGO aim improve? And will the community even be alive by the end of the year? 


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