Administration Statement: Removal of Rowan

I joined the administration alongside Spotty and Rowan in December 2022, with the shared goal that Club Penguin Armies must maintain the highest level of professionalism and integrity as the leading community organization. 

With that in mind, it is with the utmost regret that I must inform you today of the failure of my colleagues to uphold this mission statement and the values on which this organization was formed. 

CPA Statement


Concerning the Events of the Last Week

Firstly, I would like to address the events of the last week. It is no longer a secret that Spotty’s recent departure was actually a coup d’etat organized by myself and Rowan. There were multiple reasons for this, but ultimately we both felt we had no choice but to remove her following months of operating in the most toxic of environments, with constant arguments and disputes with fellow administrators and other staff members. The final straw came following the Ice Warriors paedophilia scandal, where Spotty upset multiple staff members with her comments about how much ad money the live coverage article would generate. 


The Misconduct of Rowan

Yesterday, I received a direct message containing significant evidence against Rowan, detailing the catastrophic failings of his duty as an administrator and general misconduct that has left me shocked. 

To begin, the below is evidence shared by Spotty from her direct messages with Rowan, dating February 2023. From the screenshots, it is clear that Rowan has been attempting to influence army politics by colluding with Templars leader Dawnables. He states he came up with a war plan, doing so “for the drama” and manipulating the situation to “hide the fact that he and Dawn were talking”. He also confesses to helping a SWAT leader write a declaration of war post. 

His involvement here is a breach of an administrator’s impartiality. I am also disappointed that Spotty has known about this since February, did not inform me what was occurring, and did not once attempt to call Rowan out for his misconduct. She has only shared this now she has been removed from her position.

A similar situation seems to have occurred more recently, at the beginning of March. In a conversation between Rowan and a PIC leader, he appears to be encouraging them to enter conflict with the Army of CP. This is highly inappropriate as an administrator and a failure of his duty to remain impartial. 

Other evidence provided concerned a potential CP Army HQ revival from a former CPAHQ administrator. While myself and the other staff members at Club Penguin Armies have been dealing with the events of the last week, Rowan has been encouraging said person to reopen CPAHQ – stating a conflict between CPAHQ and CPA would “be spice, especially because CPAHQ would win”. I was saddened to learn this was occurring while I and the CPA staff team have been working hard to maintain the organization’s activity, while Rowan has been involved in his own scandal over the last week. 

It is worth noting that the former team at CP Army HQ have decided not to reopen and is in full support of Club Penguin Armies.

Finally, I was disturbed to learn that Rowan used offensive language to describe a staff member on more than one occasion. An administrator has a duty of care to their staff members. To protect their identity, we have blocked out the staff member’s name. 


After receiving this evidence, I decided to confront Rowan and remove him from his position. He has failed in his duty as an administrator, betraying the trust of his colleagues and the community he swore to serve and act in the best interests of. 

The merger that led to the creation of Club Penguin Armies strived to prioritize integrity and neutrality, but both of my former colleagues have disregarded those principles and I am extremely disappointed to be in this position. I strongly believe that the misconduct that took place at the very top of this organization must be brought to light and cannot be covered up. 

I would like to thank the individuals who contacted me with the evidence, and everyone that has expressed their support for both myself and Club Penguin Armies during this time. Club Penguin Armies will continue with its mission to provide unbiased media and league to the community, where any breach of trust and morals will not be tolerated.

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