March Madness VIII: Semi-Finals Information

After an exciting weekend, four armies have now advanced to the Semi-Finals. Find out on what days and at what time the next two battles will be taking place.

The last round of the tournament has caught the most attention so far, but the competition will become even more fierce as we move to the semi-finals. Dark Vikings, Rebel Penguin Federation, Templars and Help Force came out victorious from their matches and will be now fighting for their place in the Grand Finals.

On Saturday, Dark Vikings received a free pass into the semis, as a result of Ice Warriors’ closure, while Rebel Penguin Federation won against the Army of Club Penguin in an overtime room. On Sunday we witnessed Templars emerging victorious from their battle against Special Weapons and Tactics, as well as Help Force easily winning against Penguins of Madagascar in all three rooms.

The Final Four will be competing in two battles this weekend, at the timings presented below:

Saturday, March 25th

Help Force vs Templars
3pm EST | 2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST | 7pm UK | 12:30am IST

Sunday, March 26th

Dark Vikings vs Rebel Penguin Federation

3pm EST | 2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST | 8pm UK | 1:30am IST
(please note that Europe will be now using the summer time)

The quarter-finals were certainly the most interesting round so far, having seven armies compete to advance. Despite some controversy and yet another review, March Madness is going as planned and will be having four armies fighting for a place in the Grand Finals. Will we see another battle as close as the one between Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin? We are looking forward to the next weekend and want to wish good luck to all the participants.

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