Ether retires from Dark Vikings, Litt7 named successor!

Following a successful stint as a Dark Vikings leader for three months, Ether has officially retired. Litt7 has been named his successor.


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Dark Vikings returned with a third generation on October 13, 2022. The Vikings originally reopened under a leadership comprising of Krosive, Thunder222 with Alu, Pandor, and Bscharbach2 soon joining. They went through numerous leadership changes which resulted in Krosive and Thunder222 remaining as the sole leaders. Ether, who joined the advisory board of Dark Vikings in December was soon ultimately inducted as the eighth Viking Commander on January 16, 2023.

Under the leadership of Krosive, Thunder222, and Ether, the Vikings reached achievements such as getting the second position in the Top Ten. The Vikings also most recently claimed a victory in the February Forte finals against the Warlords of Kosmos. The army had a total of 31 penguins present during the battle.


February Forte Finals: Dark Vikings vs Warlords of Kosmos

The celebration of their victory didn’t last long however, with a piece of sorrowful news arriving just a few hours after the battle as Litt7 reached out to the members with an announcement to convey the news of Ether’s retirement.

Litt7 announcing Ether’s retirement, and his induction as a Viking Commander

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Ether for an interview to find out more about the reasons behind his retirement.

What were the circumstances that led to your retirement?

Other responsibilities, and ultimately desiring to observe DV thrive under new leadership. Litt7 is a military mastermind and I’m excited to witness him reigning over the community alongside Krosive and Thunder with an iron fist. We’ve worked hard and my time has come to pass the baton.

How do you think will the Vikings do after your retirement?

The Dark Vikings Empire has entered into a golden age; even while the entirety of the community mocked, cursed, and slandered DV’s name.

With loyal leaders, superb staff, and trustworthy troops, DV is kicking down the door of cowardly competition, wholeheartedly winning war, and dastardly dominating the scene with community control. This won’t change with me stepping down. In short, DV will thrive in all aspects.

Were you able to achieve all your goals as a Leader?


Could we expect to see you returning to the battlefield again in the future?



From the interview above, we can conclude that Ether believes that he was able to achieve all his goals as a leader and that the future of Dark Vikings is in good hands. We wish Ether the best of luck in all his future endeavors.

Following Ether’s retirement, Litt7, who joined Dark Vikings in December for the rank of Third-in-Command, was promoted to army leader on March 5. He will primarily overlook the US division.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Litt7 for an interview to find out about his plans for the army.

Who recruited you into armies, and how long have you been in armies?

I actually wasn’t recruited into armies, I was originally looking for catalogue secrets and found RPF’s website and decided to join. I’ve been in armies since October of 2017, so a little over 5 years now.

How do you feel being inducted as a Leader of Dark Vikings?

I feel great, I cant wait to do great things with DV.

What are some goals you wish to attain for your army?

I want to help make DV a major army, and give it a strong US division, we don’t have one at the moment as the previous US division leader, Ether, had a lot of stuff going on IRL that caused him to retire.

Is there anything in the current state of Dark Vikings that you would like to change? 

Give it a strong US division like I said.


Following this interview, we can conclude that Litt7 desires to make the US division stronger. Along with it, he also wishes to help out his army in claiming major status. Although only time will tell us whether he will be able to fully accomplish his goals. With March Madness approaching, we wish Litt7 and his army good luck for their campaign in the tournament! Do you think they’ll succeed?

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