Advisors Speak Out! What Does Being an Advisor Mean To You?

Having a source of guidance in an army or league can be essential to its success. However, being an advisor is more than just giving advice.

For many years, advisors have held a place within armies to help army leaders as well as the community. For veterans of Club Penguin armies, staying connected to the community through advisory positions is better than being in an army. The advice they give can help leaders see, from an outside perspective, what they can do to refine their army.

Having someone as a consultant is important to make sure everything is on track and, also, to support leaders in their endeavours. The community is built off of having relationships, commonly, with advisors who have been around for a while and have seen the culture, history, and ideals of the community. Having someone that is knowledgeable is crucial because, as a leader, it’s easy to get lost when there are many tough decisions to make.

There are, also, many different routes that can be taken when it comes to being an advisor. Advisors of armies help behind the scenes, giving advice on the things such as wars and alliances. However, these aren’t the only types of things that they can give advice on. Advisors give advice on recruiting methods, staff responsibilities and even some promotions. With that said, not all advisors will have the same approach to advising. Many advisors may choose to observe and comment when asked rather than take a hands-on approach.

As well as army advisors, there are army league advisors. These advisors guide the CEOs in a league by helping make and adjust the rules, planning tournaments, and ultimately promoting army activity. People that advise leagues are typically important people within the community and have previously been involved in an army. This is an important job because the league’s decisions affect everyone in the community. While the advisors may also choose to take a different approach, their work is crucial nonetheless.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to advisors from across the community and asked them what advising means to them.

What does being an advisor mean to you?

Mabel: Being able to help make some of the important decisions of the army. Although nowadays, some advisors are only there to help advise leaders through ranking changes, demotions, etc. As my time of advisor in Trojans of 2021, I helped make a few decisions. Although it wasn’t as many compared to the advisors of Major Armies, you’re still able to give your advice to the leaders on wider decisions- such as war. At the time of my advisership, if I felt like going to war was not the necessary decision and more harmful- which I have done as advisor, as well as many others, I will speak up on it. Although some people overlook the advisor rank, they’re a lot more important than people think as they can easily help turn around a leader’s perspective of going at war or making quick decisions.

Lukey: Advisors are experienced people looking over an army and keeping it on track, and at times more experienced than the current leaders. They are meant to give suggestions and tips to the leaders but at the same time don’t lead it. Without advisors you run a risk of making dumb leadership decisions and throwing your army off course.

Popcorny: An advisor means to me that you can be an educator and bank of assistance for those in charge who may be upcoming and not quite possess all the tools to hit the top. An advisor means being a developer but most importantly being a guide to those around you.
Aaronstone: Being an advisor to me means guiding the newer generation of leaders by sharing my past experiences through out my many years in this community. To keep them and the team in high spirits and confident in their abilities. I also help out where and when I can in anyway possible to lighten the load a bit.

Through the interviews, it’s evident that the advisory role is important to the functionality of an army. Ultimately, having advisors ensures that the leader(s) are making decisions, based on the information they have to benefit the army. It’s not just beneficial to the running of armies but the running and support of leagues too. What does being an advisor mean to you? Do you agree that advisors are essential for the army community? Or are they just the cherry on top of a pie that you can have but you don’t need?

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