Top 5 Moments of February 2023

Just like the month before, February too opened with a bang as the multilogging investigation continued. With the breakout of a huge war, the return of the small-medium community and various retirements and scandals, without a doubt February had many top moments, but which topped them all?

Doritos Celebrate 13th Anniversary

Written by: Coolguy

Since closing in 2021, the Doritos of Club Penguin has been fairly quiet, with no attempt being made to revive it. However, on January 30, 32op, ex-Doritos leader and legend announced a reunion to celebrate its 13th anniversary. This event would prove to be one of the top moments of the month as they maxed approximately 53 penguins and achieved number one on the Top Tens. They proved that, despite being inactive for nearly two years, they are still a force to be reckoned with, and they have a lot of support. No revival has been planned for the Doritos but could this momentous event be the start of something even bigger?

Multiple Small/Medium Armies Join the Community

Written by: Nicky

Late 2022 saw a community with barely any Small Medium armies, at times, the top ten only had 6 or 7 places with only 1 small medium army in it. However, February 2023 saw a change as small medium armies coming back and rejoining such as Janitors, Napalm Corps, DILF, DMA, PIC. With this for the first time in a while the Top Ten consisted of various small-medium armies and the “close to top ten” returning. Furthermore, February ended with 20 armies on the top ten armies of the month.

War of Reckoning: Special Weapons and Tactics vs Rebel Penguin Federation

Written by: Mabel

Following quickly into the month of February, the community witnessed two well-known armies get dragged into war, also known as the ‘War of Reckoning’, between the two armies; Special Weapons and Tactics and the Rebel Penguin Federation. On February 9th, the Agents declared war against the Rebels, titling the war the ‘War of Reckoning’, stating the war listed was a desire to compete against the best army and test their skills. However, as days progressed throughout the war, over and over again the Agents saw their war turn into straight victories for the Rebels, leaving questions and concerns for most of the community and the surrounding armies. On February 19th, nearly two weeks after the declaration, the Agents and Rebels put the war to an end, both armies had their reasonings for the battle to end, mostly following concerns for their own staff or sizes. 

In the second spot we have the moment where there 20 armies included in the Top Ten Armies of the Month. February saw a surge of activity unseen in the community in quite some time. With an abundance of new small-medium armies popping up to begin their own legacy, it came to surprise that the month was one of competitive Top Ten rankings. February sees the Help Force claim the top spot for a second month in a row, closely followed by the Ice Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation tied at second. Following an exposition of their former Emperor multi-logging, the Templars continued to move down to eighth. As a result of their comeback, the People’s Imperial Confederation debut at ninth with the Penguins of Madagascar rounding up the Top Ten, finishing off their first ever month. With a plethora of other small-medium just shy of making the Top Ten, February of 2023 proved to be the month that showcased that the community is still as active as ever. It proves to be an upward trend in the face of the past few months where naysayers complained the size of our community was dwindling.

Administrative Statement: Mulitlogging Within Templars Throughout February

Written by: Disha

With the second phase of the investigation being conducted at the beginning of February, more evidence has come to light that the Templars not only multilogged for a single event in January but the fact that this activity has been going on since the end of last year. Five more events have been suspected to involve multilogging, and a total of 24 accounts were tied to all of these six events. The Templars Leadership were contacted about the same, but there was no response from their end. It was found that 9 IP addresses were connected to Xing’s CPAB account during the duration of the six events, and given that all of these accounts had similar times of getting disconnected in-game, it suggested concrete proof of multilogging. Club Penguin Armies Administration removed these six events from the past Top Tens and stated that a size multiplier of x0.6 would be applied to Templars’ size points for the next 4 weeks on the Top Ten. With all that the Templars have achieved, this is bound to take a toll on the army that dominated the #1 position in the Top Ten for so long.
There is no doubt that February was most certainly a busy and eventful month. With March Madness set to commence this weekend, we can guarantee that March will definitely be an exciting month.

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