Community Committee Hosts Power Couple Competition

On February 26, the community committee hosted an event that challenged people to pair up for a competition. Only one couple could win the competition. These are the results.

McHappy was the ultimate mastermind behind the idea of the Power Couple Competition. This event was led and hosted by the Community Committee. In this event, a series of three minigames were played: hydro hopper, bean counter, and catching waves. These games were followed by a fashion contest to see who had the best couples outfit. The couple with the highest overall score would go on to earn the ‘Power Couple’ role on the CPA server. Whichever couple was the best dressed for the fashion competition would receive the “Stylish Couple” role in the Club Penguin Armies server.

The winners of the fashion contest are none other than Mare and Lego!

Winners of the Stylish Couple role

Mare and Lego may have won the fashion contest, but did they win it all? Without further ado, these are the results for the minigame portion of this event.

MOA was latched on to third place with 7312 points

In third place, despite being closely behind second, we have Team MOA, consisting of Luci and K. 

Walrus was able to get 7387 points

Grabbing onto second place, we have Team Walrus, consisting of McHappy and Canada. 

The bat and the Cat totalled 8853 points

With 1466 points between them and second place, the grand winners of the 2023 Power Couple are none other than Spotty and Eden! Despite their competition being fierce, how did they manage to steamroll the competition?

The ending of the event saw couples perform a tactic together

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Spotty and Eden, the event’s winners, regarding their thoughts about the Power Couple Competition event.

What made you both want to take part in the competition as a “couple”?

Spotty: We’re both fairly competitive people so decided why not, and signed up. Though like I said we definitely weren’t expecting to actually win it so that came as a surprise.

Eden: Everybody else seemingly was doing so, so we decided to join in for shits and giggles.

Were you surprised that you won the competition?

Spotty: Oh definitely, I wasn’t even expecting to be in the Top Three Ngl, so when the scores were being announced I was pretty surprised, turned out I carried the couple 🙏
Eden: Yeah, when the results were being announced I thought we had messed up badly due to catchin’ waves. So, I was surprised to see us 1st.

What are your general thoughts about the competition?

Spotty: I thought it was a great idea for people throughout the community to have fun together to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I would like to thank Mchappy, DrQueen and the community committee for organising it. <3

Eden: The competition was something new I guess, so it was okay. I would be careful surrounding the ‘power couple’ stuff and defining it being ‘partner duos’ and not romantically involved individuals. The latter would start many issues.

With many events held for the ultimate power couple to try and win, the competition proved to be competitive. However, the Power Couple competition wouldn’t have been possible without McHappy and the rest of the Community Committee team, thank you for hosting it. Once again, congratulations to Spotty, Eden, McHappy, Canada, Luci, and K for having the top three scores for the minigame portion. And congratulations to Mare and Lego for winning the fashion contest. When do you think the next fun event will be? Are the power couple true masters of the game? Do you think you could have won these events?

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