March Madness VIII: Announcement & Round One Information

With March less than a week away, Club Penguin Armies are thrilled to announce the most dramatic tournament of the year, the March Madness VIII. Find out which armies are taking part, and who they will face in the first round.

Information & Rules

Marking the start of spring, the community’s most controversial tournament is back, and is set to begin in 2 weeks on march 11th. This year will mark the 8th edition of the tournament, in which it will consist of 11 armies, officially becoming the largest tournament in a year. March Madness VIII will run across 4 weeks, with the Grand Final set to commence on Saturday 1st April. The full schedule for the tournament is as follows

Qualifiers: March 11th & 12th

Elite Eight: March 18th & 19th

Final Four: March 25th & 26th

Grand Finals: April 1st

The following rules have been put together, they are based on previous tournament policies. Please note, breaking one of these rules will most likely end in a disqualification, in which the remaining armies will then be contacted regarding changes to the schedule.

  • Reviews will be allowed for any battle and will be untaken by unaffiliated (to the battle) Head Judges.
  • Just like Christmas Chaos, there have been deadlines set in regards to the review process.
    • Leaders cannot request a review after 3 hours from the long results being posted, and they cannot submit evidence more than 21 hours after requesting a review (Videos should be submitted ASAP).
    • Head Judges must inform both armies about the review, and if it is going ahead ASAP.
    • The Deadline for the Head Judges to review the battle will be 24 hours after the evidence deadline.
  • Dual enlistment is not allowed, and individuals may only attend for one army. They must stick with that army for the duration of the tournament, even after an army is eliminated. The dual enlistment deadline for those in other armies already is February 24th.
  • The judging will be undertaken by CP Army Judges and organised by the Head Judges.
  • All armies have a right to veto two judges per battle. Once an army has vetoed two judges, it cannot decline any more for that battle. Vetos cannot occur past the four-hour mark.
  • Judges will be announced well in advance (typically very soon after the week’s schedule is announced).
  • Each army will have 2 vetos per battle. However, in the Grand Finals, the participating armies will be allowed have 3 vetos, only if there are enough judges to ensure the places are filled. If there aren’t, the current veto rules will remain.


Just like previous tournaments, the seedings for March Madness were established by taking an average of the last four Top Ten Armies.

[1] Help Force

[2] Ice Warriors

[3] Rebel Penguin Federation

[4] Special Weapons and Tactics

[5] Templars

[6] Water Vikings

[7] Army of Club Penguin

[8] Dark Vikings

[9] People’s imperial Confederation

[10] Penguins of Madagascar

[11] Warlords of Kosmos

Click here for the seeding statistics.

Round One Timings

Due to eleven armies participating, the top five seeds will receive a bye and advance straight to the Elite Eight Round. The remaining six armies will go head-to-head with their opponents during the Qualifiers Round on March 11th & 12th. The match-ups and the timings are listed below.

Saturday, March 11th

Warlords of Kosmos vs. Penguins of Madagascar

2pm EST | 1pm CST | 12pm MST | 11am PST | 7pm UK | 12:20am IST

People’s imperial Confederation vsDark Vikings

3pm EST | 2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST | 8pm UK | 1:30am IST

Sunday, March 12th

Water Vikings vs. Army of Club Penguin

3pm EST | 2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST | 8pm UK | 7pm GMT

A massive thank you to Dino for providing the tournament with outstanding graphics. Additionally, thank you to the Head Judges and Judges at CP Army Judges for supporting and preparing for the tournament.

With March Madness known for its drama and controversy, throughout the next month, we are bound to be witnessing more historic moments, and unexpected outcomes. We would like to wish competing armies the best of luck, and hope that the tournament brings festive joy to you all.

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