Club Penguin Armies Introduces Columns

We are excited to announce that starting in March, we will be introducing a new set of columns, that we hope retains communication and encourages more engagement within the community. Without further ado, let us delve into what each column is about, and the way we have envisioned them to be.


1. The Life Stories of Higher Command Members of Armies

Column Description written by: Coolguy

In this column, we will be taking a look at some of the army community’s current HCOM members. Leaders normally get all of the attention and credit for an army’s success; however, this column will headling the HCOM members. We will be delving into their history and their present as we explore who they are and how they got where they are today. We will also be interviewing these HCOM members to find out some of the highlights of their careers so far and how they came across armies. We hope to give HCOM members of the community the platform to express how far they have come but also their own stories from their time in the Club Penguin Army community.

2. Lost Legends 

Column Description written by: Mchappy

Lost Legends dives into the people whose contributions to the community have been forgotten or overlooked. Especially in the case of small-medium armies, we do not always remember those that did not end up achieving the recognition that others have. We will try to get in contact with those we want to shed a spotlight on, to see where they have been, and ask them to retrospect on their time in armies. Even though not every person will be able to be contacted, our team is prepared to dive into the archives and uncover history to explore these individuals’ armies and their impact. The goal of the column is to provide more conversation surrounding the legends that were lost to time and are not formally recognized as such.

3. Time Capsule

Column Description written by: Legoman

Time Capsule is a column where we will reach out to various community members, including but not limited to: leaders, judges, reporters, moderators, and designers. We will conduct a brief interview to see where they are now, how they feel about their current situation, and what they hope to accomplish within the year. These interviews will be compiled and revisited at a much later date to see if the community member is where they intended to be in the allotted time, and what may have helped or hindered their progress in accomplishing any goals and aspirations. This column will show who is able to follow through with their plans and how much things can change over the course of time.

4. My Controversial Opinion

Column Description written by: Disha

This column is inspired by the column run by Club Penguin Army Headquarters. As the name suggests, the column will feature some not-so-conventional opinions of people regarding the army community and current events. With this column, we hope to reach out and engage with the community at large about their thoughts on recent happenings within the community or any issue/concern that they would like to express with respect to how things are done and carried out here. After each release of this column, the community will be able to join in the debate and discuss their views on the particular topic through our Polls channel, and whether or not they agree with the controversial statement made in the post.

In this community, columns have always sparked an interest in the readers, as they not only provide a new perspective on media, but readers also get to discuss their views and thoughts about current happenings related to the column topic. We hope that all of you will join us in this journey that we are about to take with columns, and look forward to your participation and any suggestions you might have for us!

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