War of Reckoning Ends In Treaty

After a week of consistent battling, the War of Reckoning ends in a formal treaty. As the Agents and Rebels look to put the conflict behind them, a looming tournament may open up recent wounds.

War of Reckoning Treaty

Once their war with the Templars concluded, the Special Agents and Tactics (SWAT) quickly find a new opponent: the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF). On February 9, the Agents released a declaration of war. In their declaration, the Agents mentioned their desire to face who they believed was the best in the army community and test their battle skills. 

Featuring ten battles, the war did not disappoint with impressive battles, all of which were won by the Rebels. According to the many judges, the Rebels’ consistency and creative formations allowed them to command each battle. However, this didn’t dissuade the Agents, who continued to battle on and face the opponent they deemed the best. Eventually, the Agents were able to punch a crack in the Rebels’ defense. Although they never won a battle, they were able to tie in one room at the battle of Glacier.

Battle of Glacier: The final battle in the War of Reckoning

Following the battle of Glacier, the dust settled. It was February 19 when the Rebels and Agents agreed to end the War of Reckoning. Both armies decided to end the hostilities, transfer servers, and acknowledge the war score in their respective posts.

Despite their domination in the war, the Rebels chose not to pursue the path of the force treaty. This could be in part due to the Agent’s large acquisition of land from a broken treaty by the Templars due to multi-logging in the Troubled Allies War. Perhaps the Agents declared war on the Rebels because they were willing to gamble with their newfound land.

War of Reckoning Treaty

 Club Penguin Armies contacted the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Rebel Penguin Federation for a statement regarding their decision to conclude the conflict. 

Legoman, Special Weapons and Tactics’ Commander in Chief: SWAT is proud of our performance in this war. While we could have performed better in battles, morale in our server increased substantially. During this conflict, we were able to reclaim the second spot on the Top Ten, as well as having the largest size of the week with 32 online. It was refreshing to see a sense of healthy competition in the community.

Link3000, Rebel Penguin Federation Commander: When SWAT approached us with a treaty, they had potential tournaments coming up and battles tiring the troops in mind which RPF agreed with. We are satisfied with the 10-0 record we had, the land we claimed, and also showing that we are still not to be underestimated.

With March Madness around the corner, the War of Reckoning is a precursor for what’s to come from each of these armies. The Rebels and Agents can only look to the future as they put this conflict in the rearview mirror. Are you surprised by the outcome of the war? Will we soon bear witness to a rematch?

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