Reporter of the Month: January

Although the announcement comes near the end of February, the media team has voted on a standout reporter for the month of January.

It has been quite some time since we have conducted our monthly media award known as Reporter of the Month. January laid down the foundation for an eventful February, including the many projects that concluded during the month. Posts such as Legend Inductions, Person of the Year, and Top Ten Armies of the Year to name a few. With another successful month in the books, there can be only one Reporter of the Month.

Mogi4 first began working for Club Penguin Armies back in November 2022. They are also a well known staff member in Ice Warriors. Since joining our team, Mogi4 has continued to be a willing participant in bigger projects. Namely, they played a huge role in writing the Top Ten Posts of 2022 editorial which highlighted our most viewed pieces of media. Even when going solo, their own work stands out as they were the one to work on a news report announcing the Templars and Water Vikings war.

Due to his trusted status, we have rewarded him with Reporter of the Month.

Why did you want to become a Reporter?

I wanted to become a reporter because I wanted to try something new in the community and I wanted to be more involved. Plus I wanted to improve my English grades which definitely have improved ever since I became a reporter!

What would you say has been your favorite part of the role?

My favorite part of being a reporter is being promoted to administrator. (It’s actually interviewing people.)

What are some future goals you have?

Future goals I have are probably to hopefully write different kinds of posts and conquer the whole league be a great reporter!

Conquer the whole league, indeed

With another successful month of reporting in the books, words can’t express how thankful we are to all our staff and readers for continuously putting their faith in us. They are truly the gears that keep this organization going and keep us moving along. It will be exciting to see how next month plays out for us with our amazing group of reporters. Congratulations again to Mogi4! Will Mogi4 become one of the next generation of Club Penguin Armies’ administrators? 

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