What Did Your Army Do For Valentine’s Day?

Club Penguin Armies hosted Valentine Grams for all members to share their love with others within the community. While a lot of love was shared, this wasn’t the only event that was held as armies celebrated Valentine’s Day in many different ways.

On February 14, leaders took to their discord servers to celebrate Valentine’s Day to express their love and gratitude for members within their armies. While Valentine’s Day isn’t a national holiday, it’s widely celebrated across the world. It is also just one of the many real-life events that armies celebrate. However, not all armies choose to celebrate the occasion. With that being said, what did your army do to celebrate this occasion?

Club Penguin Armies contacted army leaders to find out what their armies did for this occasion.

Link3000 (RPF):  We didn’t really do anything to celebrate. There was a small something planned, but we had to put those plans on hold cause of penguin warfare 😔. When the war declaration dropped we were still brainstorming and finalising things so not much to say tbh. But nothing too crazy like some server activities and themed events that were centered around friendship and stuff. But again, nothing concrete was decided by that time.

With the Rebel Penguin Federation and Special Weapons And Tactics at war, it seems to have halted Link’s plans for the day. While the plans weren’t concrete we could assume that they were going to celebrate it in fashion. However, the two armies did battle on Valentine’s giving RPF yet another victory.

With that said, was SWAT able to celebrate Valentine’s? We asked leader Legoman to find out.

SWAT had a fantastic Valentines Day!! We had a Valentine’s Gram forum for people to show appreciation, and we had one of our incredible staff members make a ton of “pixel penguin” profile pictures for us! And of course, I had a date night with CG at the Ski Lodge :redfaceright:

Despite the army being at war, they seemed to have made the best out of the day by creating their own ‘grams and pictures for their members.

A pixelated picture made of Legoman made for Valentine’s

While these two are majors at war, there are many others in the community who aren’t at war. Club Penguin Armies approached Da Best to see what Janitors did for this occasion.

Sachika and Evee( symbol) did valentine grams and basically it due to plans to move cpps was in action and we were looking for a cpps to move to.

Grams proved to be popular as Janitors also utilized these alongside CPA and SWAT. However, with the army planning for new experiences, Valentine’s seemed to get less attention than they’d like. With that said though, we wish them the best in their move.

Next on the list is Dark Vikings. We asked DV leader, Krosive, to find out what they did on this special occasion.

 The only we mentioned about valentine’s day was this:

DV’s Valentine’s announcement

But the reason why we didn’t really discuss it, I believe we shouldn’t have an online date.

Despite Krosive’s opinions, DV put out an announcement to celebrate Valentine’s with their members. While they didn’t host anything for it, they recognized the occasion, supporting their members who do celebrate it.

Moving on to the Ice Warriors, CPA interviewed Ice Queen to find out what they did on the day.

Throughout the week, IW Members took part in CPA Community Committee’s Valentinegrams which was really fun! IW leadership made an announcement about Valentine’s Day and it was also a break day in Ice Warriors so that our troops and staff can spend time with their friends, family and partners. :iwbeatingheart:

Choosing a different way to celebrate, IW seems to have enjoyed a break from armies as they celebrated the day with their loved ones. The grams came into play once more though, proving to be the most popular way of celebrating.

An army that did something different for Valentine’s was Help Force. When interviewed, HF leader, Desireus, said:

For Valentines, Help Force had a Valentines themed event on CPAB. We also had a vc session where we listen to loved songs before the event. Not much, but it was pretty enjoyable

Instead of doing Valentine’s Grams, they made an event out of it. They were able to embrace the occasion with their troops and those who they spend many hours of the day with.

Help Force’s Valentine’s drawing

Lastly, moving on to Water Vikings. We got a statement from Dino to find out what they did for Valentine’s Day.

We did a Valentines day Google Form where people could submit either actual lovely messages or trolls. That’s about it

While WV’s day seems similar to many others, it’s interesting to see the different ways that armies celebrated Valentine’s. From NFT-like profile pictures to a training event, armies explored different ways to show their appreciation for their troops. We, at Club Penguin Armies, hope that everyone had a fantastic day and we want to thank you for your continued support. Was your army covered in this post? What did your army do for Valentine’s Day?

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