Racecar4 Bids Farewell To The Templars

Just over a month after fellow leader and Templars’ creator Xing retired, Racecar4 bids farewell to the golden crusade. 

On February 11, Racecar4 announced on the Templars‘ website that he would be retiring from the army. This retirement post saw a brief recap of the events leading up to where he was before retiring. His retirement comes after his long run in the army which was over two years.

Racecar first joined the Templars in the summer of 2019, they quickly rose to HCOM and then leader. However, this stint ended quickly as they were couped from the army within a month. Despite this, months after their coup, they were contacted by Xing to rejoin the army. They originally came back as a HCOM member in June 2020, however, they worked their way back up to the leader position. This time, they became a mainstay in the Templars’ leadership.

Racecar4 became leader just 3 months after rejoining the army.

The next few months saw the Templars declare on both Mango Corps and Special Weapons and Tactics as well as others. However, these wars didn’t get the desired response as both armies dismissed the declarations. Despite this, they aimed for army domination and soon became known for the plethora of wars they declared and fought in. It didn’t end there though as they continued to strive for army and map domination. One of their most notable wars during 2021 was against SWAT. It saw them battle for weeks before it came to a controversial end with Templars being expelled from CP Army Network.

Racecar became more known throughout the community in 2021 as Templars’ crusade grew. Despite the setbacks he suffered, he led and won several wars. Some of these led to them imposing force treaties on the opposing armies while some others ended in defeat or a mutual treaty agreement. They carried this mindset over into 2022 as they won the Legend’s Cup. The finals saw the Templars and Water Vikings battle it out in a fiercely contested battle.

Templars and Water Vikings battled in the 2022 Legend’s Cup finals

Since then, Racecar has become a CP Army Legend within the community. He also led them to the Christmas Chaos finals, unfortunately, losing to the Rebel Penguin Federation whom they warred with earlier in 2022. On top of all of this, he led them through a year where they dominated the Top Tens. Their reign was later dubbed ‘Golden Domination’, breaking RPF’s streak of being first on the weekly Top Tens.

Templars held Racecar’s retirement event on February 11 to say farewell to their beloved leader. During this event, they maxed 31. They sent Racecar off in fashion as they pulled off a 3-0 win against the Vikings.

Racecar’s retirement event

While this was Racecar’s final battle as a TCP leader, what does the future hold for him? Club Penguin Armies contacted Racecar4 to find out more.

You’ve led for almost 3 years and had a lot of accomplishments in that timespan, but what stands out to you the most?

Hm, probably just my growth as a leader. I remember I was called (for a lack of better words) the shiniest turd in the toliet. Too now, being a well respected veteran in this community.

How does it feel to end your leadership career as an army legend after starting it with such an analogy?

It feels good. My brain always gave constant reminders of how I was giving in, lacking, and that I was just a turd in the toliet. But that’s what fueled me, to make everyone wrong about me, and to end up succeeding

Do any moments stand out within your tenure whether it be some of your most proud achievements or even fun things you like to look back on?

Gotta be the summer of 2021: Project conquest batte vs acp, weekly wars, high maxes, and leading with and around a lot of great people.

Now that you’ve retired, what is next for you?

College and wherever else the Lord may lead me

Racecar seems positive about his future, letting his religion guide him. It’s clear that Racecar has grown as a leader since joining the Templars. However, will this truly be the last we see of Racecar in CPA? Or will this be the start of something new? How will the Templars fair without Racecar? We wish Racecar good luck in his future endeavours as he ventures off on his new journey.

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