War of Reckoning: A Recap Till Now

The War of Reckoning has officially started, and a lot of battles have already taken place between the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Rebel Penguin Federation. Let us have a look at all the battles that have happened so far, and the results for the same.

Following the declaration post on February 9, the community has witnessed six battles of the War of Reckoning. Although there are more battles to see in the future, we will be focusing on the past battles that have happened already, talking about what we saw, and what the results were for the Agents and Rebels.

Agents’ declaration of war on the Rebels

The battles officially started on February 10, with the Agents invading one of the lands owned by the Rebels – Chinook. The Rebels showed up to defend their territory, making it a full-on battle that lasted for half an hour.

Day 1 of War of Reckoning

The first battle of the war began Inside the Mines, where the Rebels entered first. This continued onwards into room 2 of Docks, and room 3 of the Snow Forts, both of which had the Rebels show up before the Agents. As the result went, Rebel Penguin Federation had clean, and clear formations, adding onto a good amount of active troops on their end. Although in rooms 2 and 3 the Agents had appeared bigger than the Rebels, their inactive troops in the game slowed them down eventually, giving the Rebels, an opportunity to take over. The Rebel Penguin Federation won all the 3 rooms, defending their territory successfully.

Judges’ Results on Day 1

The following day, February 11, the Rebels were up against the Agents once more in defense of their land  – Glacier. With the last victory in favor of the Rebels, all were curious to see where this battle would take both armies.

Day 2 of War of Reckoning

The two armies once again began Inside the Mines, which had the Rebels entering first. SWAT had a bigger word bubble, however, were covered by the Rebels. Rebel Penguin Federation was the first in the room to get into their formation. SWAT was covered by the Rebels with their clean tactics, giving them the win in this first room. Following room 2 in the Stadium, RPF entered first once again. SWAT had appeared much smaller than RPF, with similar results to the last room whereas SWAT had a few inactive troops in the game, causing them to be covered, giving RPF this room. With the last room, both armies entered the Iceberg at the same time, and both armies had gotten into form rather quickly. Although there were parts of the battle where the Agents seemed to have been dominating towards the end of the battle, the Rebels pulled through with their plus formation. With the last few minutes of the battle, SWAT had attempted to get into an X formation again, but despite their best efforts, it wasn’t enough, giving RPF the last room, leaving the Rebels with another full victory in the battle.

Judges’ Results on Day 2

The third battle was an attempt by the Agents to once again invade the territory – Chinook. On February 12, the battlefield witnessed both armies show up to fight over the same land, a second time.

Day 3 of War of Reckoning

The two armies began Inside the Mines, followed by the Docks, and finally the Iceberg. The Rebels were the first to enter all three rooms and held a size advantage throughout the battle. SWAT, however, did their best to pick up the speed and pace, on a number of occasions during the battle. While both armies had few inactive troops in-game, the Rebels were able to cover the Agents with their tactics and bombs. They also maintained a faster speed throughout the battle. Thus, for the second time, the Rebels were able to defend Chinook successfully, winning all three rooms of the battle.

Judges’ Results on Day 3

Just an hour later from the Battle of Chinook, the Rebels scheduled their first invasion for this war against the Agents, targeting SWAT’s land – Cozy. Hence both armies stayed in the same server at Club Penguin Army Battleground, and hyped in their respective servers to be ready for battle once again.


Day 3 of War of Reckoning – 2nd Battle

For this battle, the Agents and the Rebels battled it out Inside the Dojo, the Stadium, and finally at the Docks. All three rooms had the Rebels entering first. SWAT made their best attempts at covering the Rebels throughout the battle. They not only used bigger tactics to cover RPF but also got into the same forms as them to try and block the tactics sent by the Rebels. However, RPF held a size advantage of more than 10 troops throughout the three rooms. They were faster in speed and also had cleaner forms than the Agents, thereby making their invasion of the Agents’ land, successful.

Judges’ Results on Day 3 – 2nd Battle

The fifth battle was scheduled to be the following day, February 13, being RPF’s invasion of SWAT’s land – Ice Cold. This is the first AUSIA battle for this war and had 16 troops of SWAT, and 24 troops of RPF in attendance.

Day 4 of War of Reckoning

The rooms for this battle were the Stadium, the Docks, and the Snow Forts. SWAT had a lesser number of troops, which impacted their speed and formations. RPF had a few inactive troops as well but was mostly able to cover the Agents with their bombs and the size advantage of 8 troops in all three rooms. The judges’ verdict mentioned that “RPF had fewer AFK troops, cleaner forms, and a big size advantage anywhere from 5 to 8.” This made the Rebels be victorious in all three rooms, making them successful in invading Ice Cold.

Judges’ Results on Day 4

The sixth and most recent battle that the community witnessed happened on February 14. This was another invasion scheduled by the Rebels on another one of the Agents’ lands – Athens.


Day 5 of War of Reckoning

The armies battled it out in the Dock, inside the Dojo, and finally at the Stadium for this battle. As the judges’ verdict would have it, the Rebels entered all the rooms before the Agents, and ” maintained around 1.5 times the size of swat” throughout the whole battle, with the Agents having some inactive troops. According to the judges, Room 3 was the best room for SWAT’s performance as “they were a lot more active and used a lot more varied tactics.” However, RPF emerged victorious receiving a win in all three rooms, due to “stronger forms, more active troops and huge coverage of SWAT.”

Judges’ Results on Day 5

As of now, the Rebels have emerged victorious in all of the battles, with a three-room win. There are more battles coming up, as the Rebels have already scheduled an invasion on SWAT’s land – Alabama, and SWAT has scheduled the invasions of Chinook and Glacier, once again. We wish both armies, the very best in these battles, and in all of their future endeavors. Who do you think will win this war in general? How will the armies’ relationship be post this war?

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