Top 5 Moments of January 2023

The new year opened with a bang as January Drama took on a new meaning. With force treaties deemed invalid and retirements, re-openings, and scandals aplenty, January had numerous notable top moments, but which topped them all?

Top 5 Moments

As with every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team hosted a vote for the ‘Top Five Moments’ of January. The internal vote includes moments that have significantly impacted the community, whether a war, awards, or scandal.

Josh Inducted as Ice Warriors Leader as Levelz Retires

Written by: Mabel

Following into the New Year, on December 31st, the Ice Warriors had witnessed the promotion of their newest leader, Josh, whom in the past had shown his dedication for the army when it comes to hosting games, recruiting, as well as voice chat leading, proving his leadership worth to the Warriors.

Just shortly after the announcement of the newest Ice Warriors leadership, another leader alongside the army, Levelz, made the decision to retire on January 2nd, who had found themselves originally joining the leadership team back in August of 2022.

Ice Warriors Reclaim Their Major Army Status

Written by: ActionSpark

The Ice Warriors have been around armies for 16 years. They’ve had their peaks and declines, as all armies do. The army was a dominant one following the rise of armies due to covid, getting multiple tournaments under their belt, they were a force to be reckoned with. However, with every peak must come a downfall. In November of last year, the armies started to host fewer and fewer events, eventually not appearing in the Top Ten for two weeks. Despite this, the army came back stronger than before. Rising the top ten and increasing their maxes consistently, maxing 37 for Levelz’s retirement. With consistent events, and good maxes, the army once again regained Major Status.

Legends Inductions

Written by: Disha

The annual Legends Induction process for the year 2022, took place on January 12, foreseen by the Legends Committee. For the voting, both the Legends Committee, and the army community were involved. While the voting for the Legends Committee was done on the basis of majority, in the case of the army community – the three nominations who received the most votes from the community would get a bonus vote that would count towards the 6 votes required to be inducted as a Legend. As a result of that, five people – Aaronstone, Elexonck, Kally, Max, and Racecar were inducted as Major Army Legends, and Zeus was inducted as a Small-Medium Army Legend.

Tsunami Rising: Water Vikings Return

Written by: Josh

The Water Vikings announced their temporary closure back in November, but on January 7, they announced that they would return. One of their leaders, Dino, stated the return was due to the presence of interest in the army, which was found after a reunion event held in December. Additionally, they’ve gone through many server updates, and after some cooperation with their staff, they believed that their former internal issues have been resolved. They began their return strong in a judged battle against the Ice Warriors where they had a max size of 27.

Evidence of Templars Multilogging

Written by: Comedy

The Templars dominated the Top Ten Armies for almost a year, only losing their position to the Army of Club Penguin during the Troubled Allies War. In October, they became the fourth-ever army to take home the Legends Cup, and in December, Xing became the first person to achieve Person of the Year for the second time. On January 26, all Templars’ accomplishments came crashing down as Club Penguin Armies released evidence of multilogging in at least one event.

At an event on January 18, Club Penguin Armies found nine accounts online with direct links to Xing, the Templars’ Emperor. An additional search found 14 accounts linked to Xing. Key to the investigation was the account Xertz which had an owner, yet Xing knew the password. On the date in question, Xing signed on to the penguin and was soon kicked off by the actual owner, showing administrators a clear difference in IP addresses. A request for an explanation from Xing yielded no response, leaving Club Penguin Armies to conclude that multilogging occurred and further investigation was required. Administrators continue to investigate other battles to determine how far-reaching the cheating goes, leaving the community to wonder if Templars earned their title of Top Army of 2022.


The month of January proved eventful, with a lot of drama to start the new year. As armies reel from the multilogging allegations and armies re-emerge, expect 2023 to remain exciting. What awaits us in February, and which will become our next Top 5 Moments?

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